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I found out that two people I hated are now dead

One of them was a thieving loudmouth drug addicted drunken thief who really f***** me over many years ago. The other one was just some smart ass I really didn't hate but merely couldn't stand to be around.
So how do I feel? Well they never changed. They stuck to their vices and died because... [more]

My friend works at a sperm bank. He played a joke on the planet

He substituted Downs syndrom sperm for a tri athletes and college Professors sperm. Several women had to have their fetuses aborted to avoid having a Mongoloid Idiot for a child.

I adopted my brothers daughter after he and his wife were killed

My wife always wanted a girl to raise. My brother had a daughter and one day while he and his wife were on the expressway some drunk going the wrong way hit them head on. My brother and his wife died in the accident.
His daughter was ten years old and his only child.
We are doing our best to help her. She is in therapy and we home... [more]

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Hi! I'm a girl of 20 years and i weigh about 120 lb. I have a fantasy of someone (a man with a weight of about 200-250 lb or more) sitting on my stomach with his full force or full weight applied on. I want to keep it for as long as possible in any ways whether it is while watching tv, movies, playing games, eating, while being on bed, couch or... [more]

Dance of Death!

Are people evil or it's just their deeds?
Me? I am THE EVIL.
I am not like those stupids with a gun, shooting up some kids in school or strangling a toddler or stabbing someone to death.
Also, I am not talking about killing a person or two. The day I get my big break, I am going to wipe out all the living things in this planet. You, your... [more]

How I think the new Mario games will be.

A lot of people keep thinking about the squeals for the pervious games. What the h***? This is like asking for a another new game very early before it even comes out. A example is, "I WANT SUPER MARIO 64 2!!! AND SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE 2!!!" And does Nintendo even announced it? The answer is no! I know... [more]


I was at a public pool with my boys 8 and to years old. they wanted to jump off the 3 meter diving board. there was a 16-year-old girl in front of us in line. she was a pretty blonde thing with huge t***. they had to be 36d at least and she wore a bikini.
i remember thinking she needed to dive... [more]

I tried to increase my Karma. I failed

I could tell my job was going to end soon in termination. I used to give a beggar some money everyday on my way to work. He would beg at a stop light and I'd give him a few dollars every day. I did this kindness in an effort to increase my positive Karma.
My efforts were in vain. I was fired and I never drove by the beggar again. We both... [more]

Glory hole

I was visiting a town when I saw an adult store with adult cinema and cruising lounge.
I'm straight, but I was curious about what was in there.
I went into a both with holes on either side. I didn't know what to do. If there would be a woman on one side or not.
It had two seedy men on either side.
I actually sucked both disks. I nearly... [more]

Chest sitting

I,am a 38 years old Guy from Germany and i like it if a Girl sits on my Chest . I,am From NRW

Suicide pact

I am looking for suicide pact forums. I want to die but can't go on my own and wish for a like minded person to be my suicide partner.

Chest sitting

Ich würde mich freuen wenn ich eine Frau finde die einfach nur auf meiner Brust sitzt

To the woman that disrespects their kids deceased father.

Samantha, you may not like your kids paternal family for not supporting your kids but changing their last name to your current husbands name is disrespectful to their daddy that's no longer here. He was a very good daddy that loved his kids and his son won't remember his daddy because he was a baby when Daniel had passed away. You could've took it... [more]

S**, cigarettes, drugs and alcohol: One happy family

I have 9 kids. I let them all smoke as much as they want and drink in moderation. I don't care. I let them f*** other kids, as long as those kids don't mind it.
I had s** first at 10, first drank at 12 and had my first ciggie at only 5. I remember the hit... [more]

Taboo Role Play

I love taboo role play. Age play rape play incest play and would love some one to role play with.

I'd like to have a dream that actually makes sense.

Every time I have a dream, it's always messed up and confusing. Just for once in my life, I'd like to have a dream that makes sense. Last night, I had a dream, I was at my job at the self-scan and a customer needed help. I couldn't help the customer so another employee was able to. Suddenly, I was on the Nostromo, the ship from the movie Alien... [more]

I wanna be fat

For as long as I remember, I was always curious what it felt like being fat. When I hit puberty, my interest in fat only seemed to grow. Now, I am almost 19 and I can not stop thinking of fat. Everything reminds me of how I am not fat. For example, whenever I look down to see my feet or the floor, I wonder what it would be like to have my belly... [more]

Playing with my cousins skinny belly

I was young at the time, I have this cousin who’s super attractive and very skinny. I’ve always had a thing for skinny bellies. And I discovered my fetish with her. She was at my house one day and we decided to go up to my room. We would play fight and I slapped her belly. It made a funny sound. But I was turned on. I nervously asked her if she... [more]

Enjoy giving massages

I enjoy giving women massages, I have always liked it but after my wife turned my marriage into a sexless marriage I started going to strip clubs to get the physical touch that I desire. Well this is where things turned, about 3 years ago I met a dancer who enjoyed the back rubs and gave some pointers also told specific moves. After that I have... [more]

Lack of Will

I'll just cut straight to it. I tried talking to people about this but I'm never taken seriously. I no longer have the will to deal with this world and will be removing myself from it this year. I just want somebody to hear me before i go and this is the only way i can think to do so.

Teen fantasy

I'm in my forties UK I fantasize about teens 16+ to be my naughty daughter so I can spa k her

This website got hacked

There is suspicious pop-ups of pornographic video and women plz fix this asap

Mini skirt and no panties

I love watching women in tiny miniskirts, especially if they have tiny panties or none at all and end up flashing their ass and p**** in public. Id love to hear from women who enjoy doing this and anyone else who loves watching.

Human toilet

I want a teen girl to use me as a human toilet p*** in my mouth and s*** in my mouth

Homeless pregnant girl

I got this homeless chick in my neighborhood pregnant. She doesn't know I moved away to a different city but I still drive thru the neighborhood to see if she's still around. Currently she's 4 months pregnant. I seen her posting up around the block I used to live. Must be looking for me. Maybe I'll pay her a visit soon. Make sure my baby is doing... [more]

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