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Always end up alone..

I have put myself out there by going on dating apps, meetups, social bowling, etc. People tell me I'm funny, kind, pretty, great to be around, etc. I can tell many people genuinely enjoy my company. I seem happy and try alot but I'm always end up alone. I'll make friends for a little bit then they ghost. Same with dating and it never even gets to... [more]

Secret Exhibitionist

I was brought up in a very Christian conservative home. i was never exposed to s** or bad language. i married a good man who was brought up the same way. Our s** life is very vanilla and honestly boring. i cant remember the last time i had an [more]

Holier than thou

Looking at TV News anyone would think Russia was the only country ever to bomb civilians in war . America did exactly that during Vietnam War when USAF bombed North Vietnam . Then there were all those civilians who died when America bombed Hirosima and Nagasaki . Were those bombings nor war crimes ?


I love it when people are angry over the internet.
It makes me excited!!
Come on my friend lets dance!!
Show me your brain and what it knows so I can use that to make you even more miserable ❤️❤️❤️ Hahahahahaaha
Be my entertainment, be my laugh. be my food for growth :-)
Dont be afraid, say anything you want Im ready for it <3
More vulgar... [more]

My mom is irritating me with the bug nonsense again

My mom Starting up with the bug nonsense again everybody she talks to she wants them to believe her bug nonsense there is no bugs but she wants everybody to believe there is and I would like her to stop talking to me right now and stay out of my room.

Phone s** with my teachers

I used to have phone s** with several of my teachers when in high school. I know one of my strengths in life besides my mind is my voice. It drives women crazy. I often use this to my advantage as it definitely has its perks.
In high school, I wound up not sleeping with my teachers but having phone... [more]

Learned from a master craftsman

Growing up our family had a friend who was a photographer. Weddings, commercial advertising, graduations. He offered to teach me the trade. I went to his studio on Thursday afternoons after school. He gave me a lecture on cameras, lenses, dark rooms, subjects, lighting, etc. Not that I understood it, but he gave me the lecture. Next he took me... [more]

No one can know

My lonliness makes me wish I would drop dead.


Where do I begin some years ago I was sniffing my girlfriends knickers. When she studied a pillow over my face then Neil's on my face I couldn't breath she then put a pair of her knickers on my manhood and began stimulation.
I must admit that was the best Orgasom I ever had.
I miss her after 42 yes. I would go back with her tomorrow. I have... [more]


I want to be double diapered

I want to die violently

I told my abuser he harrassed me. He was too uncomfortable to talk about it... the pity in his eyes. I'm such a b****. I've been molested by my mother, random guys touched me, weird creepy neighbors, the works. Talked to pedophiles on the internet and let myself be groomed into sharing nudes and... [more]

I Can't Decided Over Kitten Play or Puppy Play

I own a cat and a dog. I've been hearing about Kitten Play and Puppy play. They both sound fun to do... But I know I can only choose one. I would be into them for the nonsexual side of them. I'm male by the way.
As a kid like to draw both cats and dogs, canines and felines, puppies and kittens. I would read books on both animals. My mom and... [more]

I Can't Decide Between Puppy Play or Kitten Play

I own a cat and a dog. I've been hearing about Kitten Play and Puppy play. They both sound fun to do... But I know I can only choose one. I would be into them for the nonsexual side of them. I'm male by the way.
As a kid like to draw both cats and dogs, canines and felines, puppies and kittens. I would read books on both animals. My mom and... [more]

Getting fatter

I have a bit of a butterball belly and want to grow an enormously huge belly. I finally confessed this to my wife and she asked just how big? I’d already been gaining weight but told her I wasn’t sure how big, but deep down I want to be so fat that I can’t tie my shoes. When I sit my belly is 57” round. My most immediate “goal” is trying to get to... [more]


When I wear panties and look in the mirror I do not see anything wrong, I do not identify or feel like a woman. I have comfortable underwear on, made for women, but I want. So stinking what.

I'm trying to coerce my friend into committing suicide

For as long as I can remember I have enjoyed having control over others. The sense that I have the power to change the life of another in any way that I choose. It's intoxicating. I'm certain many reading this will feel the same as I do.
I was a dreadful child. I would scream, attack others and break things for the pettiest of reasons. As time... [more]

Sisters b****

I spied on my sister to see her little A cup boobies when she came out of the shower. It made my c*** hard and I did j******* while watching her. She has little perky A cups with puffy areolas and pointy nipples. I can't help but think about [more]

Women's panties

I am 68 and I love wearing panties and prefer string or bikini. I want to get some satin, but for now the nylon is very comfortable. I like all the colors but pink is my favorite. My wife has helped me pick out some panties and that alone is sexy as h***. I would like to try a skirt or maybe a... [more]

I lied about having cancer to both of my former friends.

I recently posted this confession on another website but, it got taken down. There’s just something that I really need to confess for awhile, but I just never found the right time. Before I say this, I just want everyone reading this to know that I wasn't raised to lie. I always told the truth when it was time. I never lied about anything before... [more]

Want to buy hundreds of panties.

I am a guy who loves the ability to buy panties online. I can afford as many as I want. Panties are comfortable and enjoyable. Married and straight. The anxiety and nervousness of buying them in stores is gone! 3 to 5 % of men wear them. 90% who try as a boy continue or want to. After all it's just underwear. I do not care to appear female, just... [more]

Young indian Wife make out with another guy.

Hi my wife and i are married for 20 years indian and she was a virgin when i married her. Never really make out with any other. Recently she met a guy on line from the island and they began to text and call with my approval and eventually few months later he came to our country and my wife went out with him 2 times for about and hour and a half... [more]

Wife flashes truckers

My wife loves wearing summer dresses with no panties when we go on road trips. She started hiking her dress up and would cover up when we passed a trucker. I got her real h**** one road trip, and was reaching over playing with her p****, and when we... [more]

My stepbrother was Friend w/Benefits

Our parents got together when I was 11 and he was 13. At first we didn’t get along (he annoyed me) but then we became really great friends and we would hang every day. We’d usually hang out in one of our rooms and watch funny videos and show each memes or just talk or get high. He was always there me and I was there for him. He was a very... [more]

My lame love life

So hi everyone i am new here but here's my story
i had always have online friends but mostly from my country an i met this one guy we were friends for abt 3 months but we stopped talking due to the problems between us later down last year 2021 we started talking like normal friends an at this point i was dating another guy i knew him in real... [more]

Pantie fun

Love to meet slim girl who likes older men to c** in her panties. One man coming at front and the other at rear. Letting the cream soak into her bum cheeks.

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