My little brother.

When I was 9 years old my brother and I were playing in a field behind our apartments. There were some trees in the feild that we often climbed. We had an argument and while we were up in one of the trees I pushed him out and he fell to his death. I told everyone that he had fallen out of the tree on his own. Everyone believed me and never knew what had really happened. It had never bothered me until my son had turned 7. My brother was 7 when I killed him. I have started drinking to deal with the nightmares that I have been having for the past 5 years. I am not sure how to cope with all of this and could never tell anyone.

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  • At 9 years old you should not blame your self you were just being a child like any other kids would do , its a terrible tragidy and I think it was just his Destiney to die at yong age ,it please stop drinking alcohol would make it worst , beilve in god only , satin will make you beilve its your fault so you can distroy your self with alcohol. be stong gilr because time will help you to forget . again do not blame your self esoecially at 9 years old even if you where over 14 years old still not your fault because it was a pure accident

  • alcohol is the answer,sounds like u r doing fine

  • find solace in sm1 real, talk to sm1 bout it,i know wen you tell your story you will not be judged. Its a pity about the loss bt am sure its not wat u wished for.

  • two innocent lives were taken by your cruel hands. keep on with the good job man.

  • I must have missed something... Two lives?

  • You did not do intentionally. Though intentional, you did not know the consequence. It is very hard to come up with terms for tragedy like this. Think your brother has come back to you in form of your son. Take care of him the best possible way, and make him a great man. You will feel so much proud about it.

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