Brother lover

I have been with my partner for many years. U have tried to leave him because of the abuse but with 3 kids together n so many years between us it makes it hard, not to mention every time I tried to leave him he would find me. I have even have the police put a restraining order against him for bashing me n threatening to kill our kids! I no after all that I should of grown a pair n left him for good. But when we broke up i slept with his little brother. Then when i got back with my x again i didn't stop seeing his brother. At fist i think it was revenge, now he no's i not so sure i think its worse. I think i m in love withe his brother!!! His brother is nothing like him, he is kind and sweet! How bad would it b to b in love I with your kids uncle!?!? I must b 1 sick c***!!!!

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  • Yeah sure go for it

  • Can i have your abusive boyfriend?

  • If he wouldn't bash her n could actually love her than, go for it. If that what makes him happy. I was with him for over ten years. I never cheated on him until he had done it to me time n time again for 9 years. Never came home till he had no money n blind rottin drunk at for in the morning. The thing I done wrong was the person I done it with n the still talking to him ever since as if it never happened. When I reread that it sounds like it was a affair. It was 1 drinkin (no excuse) night that never n will never happen again!!! I just can't help but think I must b in love with him. Y else. S*** not the answer I have only slept with two ppl n im 27. My x was my first

  • How would you feel if you found out your ex/husband was f****** your sister and/or mother?

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