I still think about you. Today a song came on the radio- Deep Inside of You by t.e.b. (lol) And I had to physically stop myself from emailing you. I had a nice short email all set to go, and I forced myself to delete it before I hit 'send'.

Certain songs remind me of you. Story of a Girl, I remember that was playing in your car when we were driving to that head shop. Yeah, and Chris Cornell, Wave Goodbye. You told me about that song, said it made you think of me. Now whenever I hear it I think of you. And I love Chris Cornell, so I hear it a lot.

There are a few other songs, too. But mostly I just get really bummed when I hear these things and I get reminded of you. Honest to God, you were the best s** I ever had and I just really LIKED you so much. But I guess it wasn't meant to be. It was f***** up right from the start anyway. But man, I miss kissing you. I really do.

Ah, such is life.

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  • The admin of this website is gay. If he cant take a shrewd comment then he doesnt need to have a site like this, and thats word b****.

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