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I'm only 11male and this summer the doctors think that I just got really dehydrated but I was playing wow on my laptop and my mom told me to take a shower so as I was undressing I looked in the mirror and noticed that boos was mixed in with my precum and a drop was dropping out so I got really scared and went downstairs to tell my mom, when she was talking to me I said everything was going black at that time I had never fainted and I couldn't hear because it was all muffled and apparently she said I started wooing backwards and fell and hit my head on the wall then the tile floor and when she shook me I woke up and I thought that I had fallen off our balcony I was looking up at, I went over to the couch and and almost fainted again walking over to it so she called the ambulance and we live really close so they got hear kinda fast and when they were taking my blood pressure standing up I almost fainted again so I got onto the stretcher and we rode to the hospital and we took some tests and it was all really weird and scary because I'm only 11 in they end they never really figured out what was wrong with me so they just guessed it was from dehydration the day before when I was boating and inertubing. If you say that this is sick of you to think of this to me in the comments it actually happened and I just wanted to get that out there.

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  • Ask doc for a halter monitor to wear, sounds like vagal nerve disorder, you may need a pace maker no biggie, see a doc and mention it. ask about a tilt table test also.

  • OMG that sounds terrible! I'm 11 too my mom always tells me to drink water ur gonna get dehydrated but I don't always hope that doesn't happen to u again

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