Hearing my Parents

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and heard my parants having s**... At first i wasnt sure but then it got really obvious. They were really load my dad moaning and mother screaming.I felt like i couldnt breathe for some reason i couldnt help but listen, and its really bad but i got a raging erection.I dont think i had ever been more turned on. They were f****** for what seemed like an hour and i just kept getting more and more turned on... Evenyually for some reason i got out out of bed and went out side there bedroom door completely naked. i just stood there masturbating, i could hear evrything my mother was moaning.. After about 10 minutes i could hear that they were reaching climax , they both started getting louder and when my mother just screamed out loud really loudly it was clear she just had a huge o***** i exploded all over the ground... I dont think i ever came so hard in my like it just kept c******, instantly ifilled with shame at what i had just done and went back to bed... WTF...

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  • Follow with the big comment, and eventually ask if you can get in on it. :)

  • perfectly natural to be aroused by sexual moans, cries, screams - guilt should be replaced with feelings of sexual release (for yourself) and happiness for your parents who obviously seem to have a very healthy relationship. (Just quickly imagine or remember a time when your parents had a big argument and swore at each other and threw and broke things or even attacked each other... hearing them enjoying themselves seems such a better option now, dont it?!) Hearing is such a powerful stimulus for one's imagination, hence, the boom in phone s**. In this case, the fact that it's your parents makes it ever more so stimulating, because of the 'taboo' of s** within family, esp'ly if s** is not an open topic between your parents and you. If you are brave enough, and assuming you hetero, have a quiet word with your mum, tell her how you heard her and your dads s** noises and became very aroused and masturbated outside their room. Just like that, tell her straight up. She will understand how you feel and appreciate your being open with her; she might even find it a turn-on knowing how her s** with your dad turns you on. Dont believe all the biblical crap about 'sin' and such - there is no god and the bible is just a collection of stories / myths from a less civilised time. We humans are sexual beings and can find sexual stimuli from multiple and varied sources, and its all ok and natural. Sorry kid, my response digresses the longer it gets, but to boil it all down: be happy for yourself and your parents; enjoy the turnon you get from this experience and future similar ones; your sexual response to this experience is perfectly ok and natural and guilt has no place here.


  • LIAR!

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