Why Do I Want A Bigger Rack?

I'm only sixteen and my bra size is 32 DD. I b**** and complain about my t*** and act like I want them to be smaller, but really I want a bob job more then anything else in the world. What the f*** is wrong with me?

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  • So far the DD is good, but are you really getting the support you need? Go get FITTED for one and prepare to spend more than $60 on it. Keep those b****** up and out and you shouldn't need more. It just gets silly after. Then when you are 28 and looking for a reduction? It would have been wasted money and a chance to destroy your chest if you get implants. They CUT SKIN! Meaning those nerve channels stop for that area. A section of your t** will lose sensitivity.

  • 16 and double D? Sounds like someone needs to cut out the fast food.

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