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I've been in a girls school all my life and my social circle is really small compared to my friends. Feeling the need to have as many guy friends and "outside school" friends, I made up an entire circle of friends. I made up a crush, a best friend and a clique. each time there was an event that these 'friends' should be going for, like my birthday party, I make up excuses like they are not free on that day and such. I really can't tell my friends because I've gone on with it for so long but yet I'm suffering from the guilt.

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  • You guys want to fit in..there's nothing wrong with that. Keep in mind you guys are fabulous just the way you are..that is why your friends hang out with you. Stick to what you believe - always! How do you know your friends aren't lying. I agree with the one comment..if the lies become too much, just make up another story to end it all. But with facebook how do you explain away why they aren't added as friends? Do you have any opportunities to meet other kids your own age? Well..hang in there. High school is only a short time in your life. Keep your grades up and head to college. That's where you can be you, and you don't need to make up stories and meet lots of people of all ages.

  • im doing the exact same thing. except i only made up a boyfriend. i later said that i had broken up with him. only everyone knows that he wasn't real an they keep bringing him up.

  • You could always say you and the clique had a falling out, and you aren't on speaking terms right now (and just never bring them up again because you're upset by how things ended).

  • I'm doing the same thing. The more I make up, the more they question. My circle of friends are brutal to people they don't like. I'm scared to tell the truth.

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