A sign from God

i have a cheap fone frm a cheap cell comp. metro/cricket. doesnt flip/slide. square &has an original cell keyboard. i hardly use my fone. usually jus grabbin it throwin it around/puttin it in my pocket to my purse/vice versa. when i do that ill come up w.random #s w.out lookin. well once somehow i looked dwn &saw that w.out lookin the contact key somehow had been pressed &403 shwing-g0d Ive always believed in god but i especially do now. what do u think? u ever had a sign? (Contacts is the left soft key)

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  • oh and im sorry god hasnt talk to u or shown u a sign. and so u know there was still more for u to correct. and i have a job. i am a dental hygienest. and its not as if this is such a professional site that i must have great spelling for arrogant ignorant ppl like u

  • the reason i wrote it that way is so that i could fit my story in. i know how to spell. i graduated from high school and college. u dont know me so whatever. guess u had nothing better to do than to try and break a person jus bc ur broken. it doesnt give u the right jus bc ur broken. but that's what broken people do.

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