I h8 my stepmom so dam much!

dis b**** getz on my last nrvs all da tym...!God dam dat fat azz b****! I hope she dies! duck her!Da onlii reason my dad mariid her cuz bcuz Of her fat azz! I MEAN she wud ask me ly da mos stupdest questions she already know da ansa 2 and dat shyt b gttn On my nrvs nd she b baggn on y mamma alda tym nd dat shyt bout 2 Stop 2day....dam her fat azz eat up alda turkii nd shyt.usin all da tablecloths fa dresses...dam just 1 picnicpleaz....I'm hungriiii

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  • I'm a black girl sand ill beat all ur azzez u just mad cuz yall mama suck d*** dumbass B******

  • Maybe she hates you back, dumbass illiterate.

  • You may not like her but she is still with ur father so there is not much you can do. So just keep away from her as much as u can. But if it bothers u that much try and talk 2 her and ur father about it.

  • Shut da h*** up.....Get a lyf

  • Shut da h*** up.....

  • Learn how to speak and type proper English. This stupid way you people type is disgusting. Is it really that hard to spell out whole damn words? Also, give her some respect.

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