I hate my sister

My sister is a massive b**** towards me, she always has been. But now that I've come out and admitted that I'm bi-sexual she has been even worse, she ask's rhetorical questions and makes smart remarks like "so do you like it up the ass now?" and "You used to make jokes about gays, but now you are one" I honestly wouldn't care if she was hit by a bus tomorrow, She is an insenseitinve b**** and deserves what ever harm comes her way.

Jan 16, 2019

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  • Update still want her dead

  • Forgive her

  • Girls I hope this one goes through.

  • Are you going too come back too us ok xxxxx

  • Got to watch your tongue better. So the lady spanked you again?

  • She is in big truble kk xxx

  • I am here kk and the clowies neghbur called her kk and she called her bad names xxx

  • Leah at least you are OK. A hug for you and a kiss.

  • Tanks xxx

  • Leah your lips are so soft.

  • Hi its leah xxx

  • Can you feel them kk xxx

  • When I kissed you I feel them and your breathing got heavier.

  • I was breth heavy kk xxx

  • Leah have you kissed with tongues?

  • You are make my face red kk xxx

  • Leah let us give it a try.

  • Kk then xxx

  • WOW.

  • Oh wow you have done this before maybe with Clowie.

  • I promise i did not kk and i hare clowie cry kk and i went to get juice and her bum is very red xxx

  • It is abuse.

  • Oh my Clowie she is getting abused.
    Leah have you read the book The Tortoise and the Hare?

  • Clowie is here now and cry so bad kk xxx

  • Acting up again.

  • Clowie let's wipe those tears.

  • Ok and my bum and legs are red all over ok xxxxx

  • Need to put some lotion on them.

  • Are you gone again xxxxx

  • Ok and thank you xxxxx

  • Clowie your slit lips are so red were you hit there also?

  • Girls I will be back I am on way to pick up son from work.

  • Ok so xxxxx

  • Girls I hope you are OK?

  • Were waiting ok xxxxx

  • What happened girls?

  • Leah asked me too sneak drink ok and bottle fell xxxxx

  • Did you break the bottle?

  • It just fell and broke and spilt all over xxxxx

  • Oh no you did not get hurt?

  • Were back and have being trying like forever too get through ok. we love you xxxxx

  • It would have been nice sleeping in the middle of you two beautiful girls.

  • Leave it so and we check later xxx

  • Girls are you alright?

  • Ye and wil youl talk with clowie like i said to you please xxx

  • Clowie do not run please I beg you not to. I will be so worried.

  • But i dont want too stay in all the time ok. leah is a tell tail ok and our other friend so wants too see us xxxxx

  • Tell your other friend to come and see you.

  • I texted her ok xxxxx

  • I dont no if she will be able too xxxxx

  • Just try please.

  • Shes going too try come over ok and sneak in my window xxxxx

  • Hope she does then the three of you can have fun together quietly.

  • We are trying too get you ok xxxxx

  • Clowie and Leah are you girls doing alright? I do care about you.

  • Kind off and our other friend is comeing over xxxxx

  • Shes on her way and her names shannon. shes sleeping over and they are going too school in the morning. i have too see princeable xxxxx

  • Great.

  • Did we do anything on you xxxxx

  • Where did the post go?

  • I am sorry girls keep you waiting and waiting. I am here now.
    A hug for Clowie , a hug for Leah, a hug for Shannon. Then a kiss for each one also.

  • Are you still there xxxxx

  • Ok and you no im out off school ok. we all love you and my uncle spanked me after meeting xxxxx

  • Clowie you must have angered a few at school to get sent home. You keep this up and summer school for you.

  • No way and im back at school next monday ok. l would never agree too summer school. leah and shannon want too talk with you ok xxxxx

  • Good Clowie that is the spirit.


  • Clowie is the craziest ever hugs

  • Haya im shannon hugs

  • It is doing it again.

  • A kiss πŸ’‹πŸ˜˜ for you Shannon.

  • I have acidents sometimes and my mommy and daddy sometimes make me ware a nappy hugs

  • Shannon those things happen and you should not be ashamed. Many people wear those type of underwear.

  • Its not fair i have to have them hugs

  • Do you think im silly now hugs

  • No you are not silly. Some of the underwear are made so good you can not tell unless you show it to them.

  • Well my daddy and mommy think im a baby and spank me sometimes like im a baby hugs

  • There could be a reason for your accidents. You should get a check up with a doctor. They can help.

  • Hi my turn kk and we all want to do truth or dare kk xxx

  • Clowie truth or dare.

  • Did you do it ok xxxxx

  • You are laughing at my jiggly things.

  • We stayed awake for like so long and then my uncle told us too go assleep. shannon and leah are going too school soon. shannon cant come back after schoo laterl and leahs aunts funeral is tomorrow ok. shannon and leah said they love you also xxxxx

  • Clowie you are going through so much hurt. I wish I could just take it away by magic. I do really worry about you and I do care a lot about you. I send you my love and hugs to you.

  • Would it be ok too get a hugg xxxxx

  • Its ok and i allready miss leah and clowie. love you too xxxxx

  • Shannon?

  • If i did anything wrong im sorry ok xxxxx

  • I wish i could run off ok xxxxx

  • Sorry my head hurts and my neighbour spanked me for breaking a cup ok and is it ok too get a hugg xxxxx

  • Clowie a hug for you.

  • Clowie are you still in pajamas?

  • Are you ok and hope i did nothing wrong xxxxx

  • Yes my pjs huggs xxxxx

  • It is great to be comfortable. I am comfortable being naked.

  • Ok maybe talk later if you can xxxxx

  • Clowie you did not upset me I was taking care of a few things and it took longer. I am here now.
    I do care for you and I hug and kiss you.

  • Clowie are you OK?

  • Something keeps happening ok. lt stops me from texting xxxxx

  • Its fine and now i feel silly xxxxx

  • I just feel lonley xxxxx

  • Clowie darling I will be here as often as I can. Do you look at you tube?

  • I made videos before and somebody asked me too do stuff. l got in alot off trouble and got grounded and spanked the hardes ever xxxxx

  • Love

  • I hope you do not do those anymore. I am sure they asked you to m********* for them.

  • They got me too do loads off stuff. l promise i wont ever do it again ok xxxxx

  • I see they are stopping messages again.

  • I am glad to hear that and I am proud of you for stopping that. Here is a hug for you.

  • Thanks for saying your priud off me. my uncle used a belt on me that time and did it in front off his friends xxxxx

  • I never used a belt on my kids. Hand was what I used.
    His friends were the ones asking you to do stuff on the videos.
    I love you and I am sorry they hurt you so.

  • No was not his friends and somebody i was talking too. thank you and leah will be back later xxxxx

  • Clowie I am proud of you for being honest with me. Yes I do wish that you girls could live with me and not worry about getting spanked . I do love you very much.

  • I love you too ok and it be great not too ever het spanked again xxxxx

  • Here is another hug and kiss for you.

  • Its ok then forget about it. l think i was being silly sorry huggs xxxxx

  • Thank you ok and is it ok too hugg you and sit on your lap. leah is on her way and i hope you dont think im a baby. my friends only hugg me and shannons mommy and daddy sometimes xxxxx

  • I hope you do not mind my lap being naked because all of me is naked.You are not a baby everyone needs love and affection and hugs.

  • Before my mommy died over drink. well sometimes she hugged me and i never liked huggs for ages when my mommy died and shannons mommy and daddy would allway want a hugg off me and her mommy sometimes would let me sit on her lap and xxxxx

  • Its cool if you dont have clothes ok. l dont mind taken my pjs off either xxxxx

  • Clowie I am so proud of you enjoying nudity like I do. I hope I can make you feel safe and happy and loved.

  • Its cool with you and i do feel safe. l think your super nice huggs xxxxx

  • Your smile is beautiful and you are so warm. I love you .

  • Did i say something wrong and i keep feeling like i messed up again xxxxx

  • Thank you for being super nice too me. leah be here in a little bit and i cant wait. l wish i had a daddy that huggs me xxxxx

  • Oh my honey another hug for you.

  • Im trying too text you and dont no whats going on. you are super nice xxxxx

  • Thank you Clowie.

  • Thank you for what and you are so super nice and leah is here now xxxxx

  • Thank you for what xxxxx

  • You are not silly you are awesome and I love you.

  • Thanks ok xxxxx

  • I said sorry xxxxx

  • I can take them off ok xxxxx

  • My uncle said we have too go assleep ok. shannon leah and me love you and wish you could sleep with us xxxxx

  • Well xxxxx

  • I hope your still there and we love you xxxxx

  • Ye its so funny ok xxxxx

  • So did you do it ok xxxxx

  • Ok i dare you too do a silly dance xxxxx

  • I was at doctors so many times and they looked inside me hugs

  • But im nearly 11 and people see it sometimes hugs

  • Haya your so sweet hugs and they are the craziest and clowie and leah are tease me over wet my panties hugs

  • Leah and shannon are here ok xxxxx

  • I cant sleep and you never answerd us back. l had kind off fight with leah and shannon. but we made up and they are asleep. l have too see my princable and teacher. l just bet they wont listen too me anyway. we all stayed up and we showed shannon your texts. l told you and she said your cool and nice. im go try go sleep ok and they are take over my bed huggs xxxxx

  • Im not back in school now till next monday ok. my princable and teacher said so. im in trouble and my uncle spanked me and said too stay in my room. my neighbour woman is here and my uncle is gone too work xxxx

  • Its not fare ok and shannon and leah are say im bad ok xxxxx

  • Let's not fight come on girls let's all have some fun prove you are fun clique take off your clothes to have fun xxxxx

  • We are trying too get you and shannon is here xxxxx

  • I'm here hello Shannon xxx

  • This is Kyle what do you girls want to do? Xxxx

  • This is Kyle we can all my love together my n** is getting very hard xxx

  • Don't forget I'm here to mister!

  • Wow I get to sleep with three beautiful girls. I am looking forward to that.

  • Kind of ?

  • We are here and we want you ok and shannon even says helo xxxxx

  • I'm here hello Shannon and hello clique and Leah what do you all want to do xxxx

  • Hello it's Kyle what's your other friends name?

  • Hello girls this is Kyle I love you both and want to be your boyfriend to you both xxx

  • You can chat too her also xxxxx

  • I did ok and she has no texted back yet xxxxx

  • I hope its not doing it again xxx

  • Will you talk to clowie please and she is crazy kk and wonts us to run of and if we do we be in deep p*** and my mommy and daddy already colled me and said about my aunt kk and let clowies uncle talk with them and her neghbour and said they can smack my bum like clowie if i dont listen to them xxx

  • Like realy xxxxx

  • I guess you wont be back and leah is saying she is tired. its a pity you could not sleep in the middle. we love you and good night extra xxxxxxxxx from me and leah

  • Will you be come back kk xxx

  • Its leah and clowie is gone toilet kk xxx

  • I cut my finger a bit ok and neighbour cleaned it up and smacked me and leah xxxxx

  • We bought got in trouble ok xxxxx

  • Ok and she hit there by mistake xxxxx

  • No and is it good kk xxx

  • The Hare was a rabbit.

  • Yes it did and i did not mean too curse at neighbour lady ok. l got in bad trouble. we love you xxxxx

  • We will stay here ok xxxxx

  • Its leah and clowie xxxxx

  • My beautiful girls.

  • You are taken forever xxxxx

  • We love you ok xxxx

  • Your back xxxxx

  • We are here ok and we love you leah and clowie xxxxx

  • She’s gay too, and not coping well

  • Nah pretty sure she's straight and is just a b****

  • Want too meet up babe.

  • Not really

  • Well i show you a great time.

  • Really I'm good

  • Will you put on your school uniform for me darling..

  • Will you take your panties off please

  • My guy... I. AM. A. DUDE. i don't wear panties

  • She sounds like good fun tbh.
    Id go out with her for a few drinks 🍸

  • My guy she is 14

  • How old are yous.!

  • Im 16 she's turning 15

  • Love too see yous.!

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