i hit my bf ; part 1

i have a bf of 5yrs. i hit him. he hasnt cheated on me that i know of. but i did yrs ago. im 19f hes 21. i cheated bc he didnt give me enough attention. We wanted to be together anyway so we fixed it. my dad always cheated on my mom. she always hit him for it everytime. i started believing it was ok as if he deserved it. then i started noticing she would hit him jus bc she was mad. I grew up scared of my mom. Tried to stay outta her way as much as possible. wasnt too hard bc she was too focused on my dad. My sis[17] &i hardly got any attention. But we got hit too when she was mad. Now outta the 5yrs w.my bf a yr ago my bf made me mad so i hit him. Ive kicked, slapped, punch him. I scream at the top of my lungs jus as my mom does. Yet she doesnt know this. No one does. Jus me &him. I knw this wrong but i cant stop! I caantt.

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  • This isn't a forum for text messages so spell words out

  • wasting ppls time? u wasted urs writing on all 3 sections when she was only asking for help. u feel useless that's why u had the need to say that to her. and u feel as if u talk to much. really u told urself to shut the h*** up

  • Shut the h*** up, part 1

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