Fiance Confession

My fiance just confessed to me that she cheated on me at her bachelorette party last weekend. Apparently after her and her friends went out to a club, they went back with a few guys they met to their hotel. According to her, she was really drunk and did not know what she was doing, but she ended up sucking one of the guy's d****. I asked her for details and she said they were playing truth or dare and she ended up being dared to take a shower with this guy. So she did and that is where they started making out and he fingered her and was asking to f*** her. She did not want to have s** and gave him a b****** instead and the worst part is she swallowed for him.

She said she has never cheated on me before and feels really bad, but I am still thinking of calling off the wedding. I can not trust her again.

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  • Keep her, but don't marry her. Simple!

  • You need to get over your jealousy and forgive her. She still loves you, and you love her. She was just having fun and it meant nothing to her. She obviously is still with you, and still wants to marry YOU.

    Too many people need to separate "love" and "s**". She wasn't making love with this guy, she was simply having s**. Not for intimacy and emotional connection, but just for a physical thrill.

    You need to talk to her about your feelings in order to clear the air, but there is NO reason to call off the marriage over one night of fun she had BEFORE you were married.

  • Don't make a federal case out of it. It was her bachelorette party. You can do the same thing. If you pull the plug on things, think of all the explaining you'll have to do over and over again with all of your friends and family. Forgive it and use it to your advantage. At least make her your c*** slave!

  • Let her go. First she used the excuse of being drunk...but then she was sober enough to know not to f*** him? That does not make sense. This girl has no will. But more importantly, she might not have the same values as you about relationships. I am not saying that the way she thinks is wrong, it's just that her ideas of what a relationship is may not be what you think it is. The idea of marriage is a based on love, the actual maintenance of marriage is based on trust and honoring the other partner.

  • Keep her. She has proven herself to be a c**-s***. You can work this to your advantage. It also opens up a door for you in that you are provided with one free suck or f*** and she has nothing to say about it. She can also be dominated here. Make your plans to be the head m*********** in charge. Have the guys over to watch a game or play cards. She must serve everything, food drinks, all topless! After everyone leaves, spank her ass for checking out your friends, find out which one she would like to f***. Her c*** will be so wet after the "party" that you will be able to slide right in! Lube her a****** and f*** that too!

  • Call off the wedding, get into counseling, and postpone the marriage at least for another year while you work this out.

    Give her another chance, but there are obviously issues here.

  • Man. Move on. You will never trust her again. Whenever she goes out with hers friends who encouraged her to do this. You're stomach will be in knots. And in her mind she got away with it and if she ever gets pregnant you will always wonder if you really are the father. In the end the relationship will fail and she will take you for almost everything. So end it now.

  • It will be hard to do but you need to get rid of her. Like the other comment stated. She will do it again if you forgive her. Plus she did more than suck him off. My ex wife did exactly the same on a weekend away with the girls. She only told you because she knowns you will find out. Get out now and tell everyone the reason why you broke it off.

  • She dznt deserve u, sumtyms while we hold on 2 sumthgs we deprive rslfs of gud things. Js call off de wedding de b**** dznt deserve u. Sooner she's gonna bring u diseases, my man love is nt pain

  • She f***** him man,she only wants to tell you enough to have you where she wants you. She told you that because she knows her friends will eventually tell you Call off the wedding because there is no way that marriage is gonna survive. She is gonna f*** some random guy each time she is drunk,married or not.Does she normally swallow your c** or take showers with you?I know you are devastated,but have you ever cheated on her?

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