Painting my face

It hurts when I spend an hour applying concealer, foundation, powder, blush, eye shadow, liner, mascara, and lipstick, and then my best friend sees me and asks " makeup tonight?" with a tone of contempt.

Am I really so ugly that even with layers of paint, I'm not good enough?

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  • Your Friend is probably just being sarcastic. Your skin was not meant to be covered up with makeup. Go light or go without. Let your skin breathe.

  • God made you as you are and i think if they really are your friends the would like you for who you are

  • I use to cut myself. So insecure about being alive. I was afraid for people to even see me breathe. I wore makeup as a substitute for self harm and eventually I realized I didn't need the make up to make me feel good about who I was. What's on the inside is what f****** matters. Would your friend rather hang with a pretty girl who wouldn't know how to take of them in a bad way? Or would your friend prefer to hang with a friend who knows how to be there?! If your friend suddenly has a heart attack (god forbid) and that pretty person doesn't know what to do then your friend will be soooooooooo sorry!

  • Hunny she is just a selfish b**** who is jealous of you.

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