Risky momeny

Once when my best female friend was doing her makeup, I was sitting in the sofa sort of behind her and at first when we talked we had eye contact through the mirror but then she became too focused on her mascara and stuff to look at me in the mirror. Watching her like made me h**** so i carefully and slowly took out my c*** and started masturbating. The idea that she could see my c*** in the mirror was such a turn on that I became rock hard straight away. I tried to be discrete and not make any fast movements, but instead stroked my c*** in a slow rhythm up-and-down while watching her putting on her makeup and talking to her. After she had finished with mer mascara i panicked a bit so I froze in my movements and just held my c*** at the root so it was standing hard in full view. Just then she asked me "don't i look pretty now?" and very briefly glanced through the mirror at me and batted her eyes. and giggled and then she focused on her self again and started with her lipstick. I thought i was going to faint! I wondered if she had seen my c*** or just made eyecontact. My heart was racing from this excitement. While she continued with her lipstick i very slowly started stroking my c*** again. I was completely mesmerized by watching her face in the mirror and i watched her blood red lips and imagined how it would be to kiss her. This made me so excited that i had an o***** right there and i panicked again because i couldn't hide myself and also didn't want to make any sudden movements or noises, so I just let my c** shoot out in several streaks while carefully watching her. Then i went to the bathroom and cleaned up.

Still to this day i wonder if she knew what i was doing.

Jun 6, 2015

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