I am in love with 2 guys. Both have girl friends

I am love with my best friend who I will call walker and a guy I knew through friends who I got extremly close to who I will call Adam. Well I met walker my 6 tv grade his 8th grade year. He was suppose to move so I never went for him. I that summer I got with a guy who was 3 years older than me. I got my heart broken and that was when I found out walker wasn't moving that's what helpped me through it. Buy we are still friends I'm very much in love with him and I can't go a day with out messageing him and looking at a picture of him. I love walker!!! But there is Adam, Adam Is a guy I met through friends and I left that school. I went backto that school every month. A few moths ago I hung out with him, that day I found out I like him. I few weeks later I got his number and we started talking. We talked for a month stright from the time we woke up to the time we went to bed all through school and till like 5 on weekends and woke up at 8. He knows my secrets like my dad beat me when I was lite and my mom kicked me out and my brother is a druggie. Well on may 6 ( we started talking march 25 and I knew he had a girlfriend) his girlfriend saw that I asked him out because I stright up feel in love with him in a month of talking. He was the one who told me it was gonna be okay on my birthday and I was in tears or the time my mom aS rushedto the hospital!! I just am in love with him but he chose his girlfriend which I get he was with her before me. But he talks so much s*** on her and defends me!! One of my best friends told me that he went to tell his girlfriend he loved her and I guess said I live you chrissy her name is selina!! That's my name!! Well his girlfriend wants to jump me and she knows what I look like and I have no clue whoshe is what she looks like and there has been 2 times when I almost bumpped into her! Anytime I go down there I wear things he thinks inlookmama ing in and I hang out by him only because he has made me cry now 2 time once the day he said we should stop talking and right now telling you this! But I really love both these guys both are just amazing!!! I think I will just kiss walker and be with Adam because walker is decently moving away.

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  • Your English grammar and punctuation,is poorly executed.If English isn't your first language,you expressed yourself well,but need to make improvements.
    If English is your first language,you need to improve.

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