everything is f***** up and i feel like drinking. i am alone and i need something to dull my senses, to change my mind's functioning, to alter my reality. i've said before that i'd do heroin if i could and i've also said that i would never be an alcoholic. i don't think i'm anywhere close to that, but i also know that this isn't really healthy. but what else is there to do?

Jul 8, 2010

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  • i kno what there is to do. go to a meeting (A.A.) i am not trying to be a smart a$$. you may not be an alcoholic, but just going to a meeting and listening to the people in A.A. may actually teach you something. It taught me everything i need to know, granted i am an alcoholic/addict, but trust me, it will help. and if you don't think your ready for that, talk to a friend, family member, anyone, just please talk to SOMEONE. i will keep you in my prayers. take care and good luck.

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