I Sometimes Dont Even know why I am Here

Im a 30 year old Virgin that has been waiting for mr right and now im worryed that ive waited to long and that it wont happen for me. Also I should say that Im 30 and only ever had one boyfriend for 6 months! Im a Fat loser and I know it, Im scared to be naked in front of others even myself, I change fast and i shower fast just so i dont have to see anything! I think thats part of the reason im single and a virgin.

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  • Don't be ashamed of your virginity. If you think it's a problem, then by all means, do as someone else says and find a random hookup. They're out there. As for weight issues, everyone has body image issues.

    Those things can be worked out. Start working on your diet, start by exercising. Walking around the block is a good way to start. I would say don't lose weight just so that you can f*** someone, but lose weight because it is going to start effecting your health.

    Be strong

  • It's called craigslist. post an ad now, and you'll have your pick for a good f*** within the hour. don't post an ad with your self esteem issues. Post it like you're fat and proud and f****** h****.

  • im a 20 yr old virgin and i am like you say FAT.. but i see the girls that do have s** and the ones that get attached to the ugly ass hole guys and i know im doing the right thing im waiting for someone who i want to give it to not just the first person to tell me im beautifull. i am aware of how i look and i know im not the hottest thing arround but i love myself enough to wait.. even if in ten years im still a virgin im ok with that becuse it shuldent be just about the s**.. love is what i want to feel

  • I think you should be very proud of your self!! There are so many young ladies having s**.... no respect for them selves.

    Please do not be ashamed of your self.I don't know if you are what you say "fat" or not.Just remember even if you are some what over weight, you can lose the weight, but you can never get back your virginity.

    Be proud that you are a virgin and never have s** unless you are sure he is the right one.

    I wish you all the best. Love your self!

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