My first time

I 'm 15 and had s** for the first time last night. It was awful. It hurt so bad. My boyfriend was so excited that he had trouble getting his thing in. He kept pushing up near my c*** hood like a hole was magically appear. When I helped him get it he went to hard and fast. The only good thing was he came so fast. I don't think he lasted 30 seconds. I guess that was good considering how much it hurt. I know there would be some blood. it wasn't to bad but he freaked when he pulled out and saw it.

I'm sure someone will say the usual you're to young to have s** stuff. Maybe their right. I didn't think it would be some magical moment but I also didn't think it would be so bad.

Jun 4, 2016

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  • If you want to keep a guy don't give him s**. Take your time.

  • I forgot to add, safe s** is best, do your research and talk with your doctor, and if you are scared or whatever Plan parenthood, doesn’t just offer services to Pregnant women, you can get birth control, condoms and other things like testing, personal health info etc. for free or for super low cost. Its amazing so if you are worried check it out.

  • The first time always sucks, but it can get better. Try researching and learning not how your body works but what is going to turn you on. Try playing around and find what works for you. and talk with your boyfriend if he isn’t willing to slow it down and try things with you oral”giving and receiving”, etc. maybe you should slow it down and take sometime to see if the relationship is working for the both of you.

    Personally when I was your age I dated older more experienced boys, and now that I am in college its easier. keep in mind that for girls s** is more often mental and we need forplay and be in the zone before we can fully enjoy s**. take your time and when you are ready learn some things that get you ready and then go with it lol. good luck hon.

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