What are we?

We have been friends since childhood. We were in love with each other, but sexually you preferred your s**. I still loved you truly. Fast forward 30 years, thought we could hang out and enjoy our sameness which was always emotional and intellectual, ok some sexual pangs when we were young, though we never acted on it. You respond to messages with thumbs up symbols for months, friends are meeting up, I invite you, you accept, only to cancel last minute, but tell me the next day will be ok and you need to stay over. I know we are deeply connected, but I haven't seen you in 30 years, I don't move that fast and that scares me. Especially, since I don't know what we are. Wish I could tell you this, but don't want another thumbs up, or worse thumbs down. So I'll do what I do best, go away!

Oct 22, 2016

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  • This is for my soulmate who is gay, and I am a straight woman. Ain't love grand?

  • I'm confused.

  • Not enough communication therefore remaining confusing

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