When I was 17 I was unwillingly given herpes. Now I face this everyday of my life. As I sat with a friend I began to confess and then couldn't speak the words. I just couldn't say it. Most people know because 3close friends kinda told everyone! Now, I can't forgive myself for being such a dirty person. I'm so ashamed. I live such an amazingly shameful life.

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  • Thanks! I mean really. Thank you. I needed to hear that so badly.

  • you go gir speack your mind tell girl I got who doesn't!! I'm 18 I been thought alot of s*** I was 13 when I got it I was raped I'm not afraid to say it I've had therapy and your not dirty at all lots of people have it girl your marred are you happy with your signifagant? If yes that it you have the one you love. Who love you back for who you are..he doesn't at that he looks at you. You seem like you hold yourself high that's good your strong f*** anyone who says your dirty they don't know s***.. Just remember you are you. Your beautiful inside and out so don't care what other people think!! And to all you other a******* being rude on here f*** you watch what your saying and who you are saying it to

  • I'm not stupid you retards. I'm a married woman who has had it for years. Its about venting you morons. Sheesh.

  • I'm stupid you retards. I'm a married woman who has had it for years. Its about venting you morons. Sheesh.

  • It's not the end of the world. I've had it for years and it's only an occasional outbreak that is easily treated. Learn about it so you know how to manage it. You must tell any potential sexual partner you have it so they can make decisions with that knowledge.

  • f*** you. quit your whining. Most people have some form of herpes anyway. Cold sores are herpes. Who gives a f***. Learn about it, control it, and move the f*** on. How did you get herpes anyway? share a drink? get raped? got with a dirty ho?

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