Im unsure

I don't know really what to say, I'm at a loss of words. When I think back to us, it doesn't really hurt anymore? I'm starting to forget the little things, starting to forget what it was like to have you in my life. I actually hope your doing alright. I finally woke up I'm the morning, and realized you weren't there. You, weren't in my life anymore. Time, just keeps stealing us away from eachother. It makes me sad that I mean nothing now, just a past memory. I understand, and although it sucks. I've learned to accept what is given, I've learned to accept what is and what is not. I'm sorry, I couldn't figure this out. I'm sorry, I couldn't be the one to fix it, I owe it to the two people I stare at in the pictures I have left, I owe it to them, to say I'm sorry. And try to move on.

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  • damn i could have written that.last week i wrote her a letter annd said everything i felt,then i got six pack and drink it and read the letter(i rarely drink}in the end i burned the letter but it was like letting go...try it

  • I feel your pain too. You can want something with all your heart but sometimes you can't have what you want. It seems to be so easy for things to be right in your mind but it takes two to tango. If the second party isn't interested in making it work then it will never work out, no matter how much you give.

  • Thank you, honestly. Those are the first words in a long time that's**** home. Your right, I can't do anything, even if the pain resides.

  • what ar you unsure about, exactly?

  • god, you know that feeling at the bottom of you tummy when somethings bothering you? i got that when i read this, it kinda reminds me of something i went through a couple years ago when i lost my younger brother. its like a brick landed in your stomach and your brains are going to tear out of your head because you cant get this person back no matter what you do and everythings lost forever and its like you want to cry so hard but its so numb nothing comes.. you just feel, like dying. no your not alone.

  • This confession makes me really sad. I know what it is like to be nothing but a memory to someone but you wish it was more. Sucks.

  • It's what I honestly live with everyday. Its nice to know I'm not alone, I just wish there was something I could do.

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