i write things on the bathroom walls

i write things on the bathroom walls and in the stalls at my school like "f*** (myschoolname)!" and stupid stuff like "THIS IS FUN!"
and i am someone most would least expect that from and no one knows it's me.
it's kind of exciting :)

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  • You can go leave me some diamonds in my bathroom tiles please.

  • Well I don't want to blood sacrifice myself just for jesus. that is as bad as preaching killing yourself for mohomand and budda or chiva and karbullah or Allah. etc I want to be in a religion that allows me to live my life to the fullest and best and longest with god and the new testament maybe but in my heart, mind and soul and deeds but I don't love jesus enough to die for him. sorry but I just won't do that for anyone. life is the beanstalk that god wants us to be happy and rich and full of good health and good mental state of mind, he wants us in love and wanting for nothing and having luxury and richness of life in all forms. that is the true god.

  • Word. @ 1st comment

    Yupp I finally decided to leave my signature D.D

  • What a dumb confession!

  • Write away!! That's what kids are supposed to do!

  • I was always an entertained reader. keep 'em coming!

  • I did that when I was in school. And the person who commented above me probably did too. Kids do dumb s***. When you get older and look back, you'll realize how stupid it is.


  • Hey man, he keeps the janitor employed, and the s******* entertained.

  • Its idiots like you that cost we taxpayers lots of money in cleaning up your crap off evry kind of wall that there is. Why not try growing up, or better yet, why dont you spray paint your house. Or, better yet, let us know where you live so we can all come over and give your house a good tagging!!!!! "THAT WOULD BE FUN!"!

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