Husband Showed Me Off Naked

I was just cleaning out and shredding some old bills and came across a cd-rom in the bottom of the desk drawer. When I put it into the computer I found it had dozens of image pictures of me in the nude which my husband of 12 years had secretly taken of me. Pictures of me in the shower, undressing, sleeping and so on. I did not know what to think or feel and then I found some images with printing on them from where he sent them to some websites, and then saved the images off the site again. I looked some of the sites up and now know from the view counters and comments that over 50,000 strangers have seen my pictures showing my face and all of my secrets! My head is spinning and I am confused as to what to do next. My emotions are all over the place right now. How do I confront this? Should I?

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  • Your husband must be very proud of you. He really loves you and must think that you have an awesome body to share it with complete strangers.

  • My husband has taken my nude pics in many positions, all with my consent. We often see and feel h****. Except my close friend and younger sis, no other person has seen. It's excellent and sensual memory.

  • How wonderful. ..let guys C** ion your Naked pictures

  • Some white guy married to a hispanic woman has been sending me pics of his wife around the house or out n about.He wants me do seduce her and have s** with her. Evidently,she has no clue about his actions and you can tell from the pics she does not.



  • Confront him and then dump him. confont him first so u know who he sent them too and what else he has done. THE DUMP HIM

  • I would die if my husband did that God knows what else he was doing behind my back !
    I would get a lawyer ASAP and find out what your rights are in this case ..
    I would also go threw everything on the computer and gather evidence and report this to the police .
    You are not safe with your husband

  • Give up what otherwise may be a perfect partnership.its so easy to tell others what to do.suppose she is then left alone,why not ask him why,then maybe actually indulge in the fun with him rather than try taking the high road to lonelyness.

  • I sometimes go on chatroulette and just sit naked in front of the webcam. What's a way to get in touch w/ you? -Tiffany :)

  • Hmmm

  • Your e-mail? For follow-up on my wife. Karel.

  • Tiffany, I am looking for a sexy video chat friend, are you interested?

  • Where can we get a peek of you hot stuff?

  • Thanks for your comments and advice. I can identify with your own emotions and also with the hurt of your husband not being honest with you. Maybe you should consider that his actions are purely to gain sexual pleasure by showing off his beautiful wife to other guys, which he has done anonymously.
    My aim is completely different from his, though. This is a guy (Aubrey) that is known to both of us and it is obvious that he wants s** with her. From their actions so far nothing indicates the usual affair/romance type of relationship between them. He visited again on Saturday afternoon and I excused myself on the pretence of having to help my brother in some emergency, just to let them have some 2 hours alone together. The bedroom camera showed nothing, but it was a repeat-scene in kitchen after some 15 minutes. She was standing next to the kitchen top when he came up to her and pinned her against him, forcing her legs open and then proceeding to hump her dry for some minutes. It is obvious that they both enjoy this. Me as well when I watched afterwards! Unfortunately she stops him when he tries to finger her, but I believe they will proceed in the near future. Maybe I should wait a little longer?

  • Yes you should tell your wife. It appears you both have a mutual secret and need to get it into the open. Lately I feel like I am on a rollercoaster of emotions since I am at some levels hurt and angry at my husband showing me off naked, and I am also very sexed up inside at times when I think into things. I cannot really explain it. I just know the feelings inside are so potent when I read an email from a man who knows how I look naked and appreciates me without ever having met me. It is also so very liberating to just be naked and not care in a bad way about being seen. I have been displayed to so many people by my husband's actions that I guess there is no shame anymore to having my secrets seen. I wish you well with your wife - Tiffany

  • Wish I could also get my secret out to my wife. Some 10 years ago she met a guy that now visits regularly. I sensed she has sexual feelings for him. I secretly videotaped some of his visits when I'm not at home, one which shows them in the kitchen with him grinding his crotch between her legs. After allowing him some minutes she pushes him away. Surprisingly this turned me on to such an extend that I bought another camera for our bedroom. Still waiting for the desired action there.
    Should I tell her?

  • Omg You should kick his filthy ass!!
    How dare he post those without telling you!!
    What does he think that your some kind of a w****?

  • if it will hurt you to keep his secret a secret, yes. confront him. Or you could let him indulge while you silently get joy knowing he gets joy letting other people see the beauty that he is so proud to call his wife. or you could embrace it whole heartedly and give him permission to take pics of you. It's all about how you feel and how stable your marriage is. Take a few days to sort out your feelings. And ask your bff. He/She likely knows you & your hubby better than yourselves. :) good luck

  • I have been in contact with some of the men he e-mailed my nude pictures to. I cannot explain how or why it feels the way it does but it when I chatted online with one of them it got me very turned on. I never did anything like this before! I have to confess that he showed himself to me on his cam and he was HUGE and very sexy. I ended up turning on my cam as well. I showed off nude to him and then and we climaxed together. It felt so incredible! My husband knows I have found out about his actions and I refuse to discuss it at length until I can sort out all these new feelings.

  • Thats it girl keep refusing to talk,that will help sort it out wont it.honestly the only way to sort this is to talk,no matter what the outcome talking is the only way forward.

  • I think you should go for it and take pics to show your husband that you have come to grips with it. Have a guy over when your husband is home and strip for both of them. Want my number?

  • I know it has been a bit since I updated things. I have only talked with my husband a little bit about it and am basically making him wait until I am good and ready. I have basically taken to being nude in the house almost all the time. I know some of my neighbors see me from time to time and they kind of know the deal and no one has complained. I find it very intense inside and secretly love the feeling - even if I cannot explain it.

    One of the guys my husband had emailed the pics to some time ago actually lives a few blocks away from us. We had emailed back and forth a bit in the past weeks. We both find the idea of being nude together and masturbating to climax very exciting. I am so tempted to do somethng like that.

  • I'm sure your husband would prefer his fetish for sharing your charms with other men was out in the open; especially if he realized how much it excited you and that you would like to take it further!

  • I have tons of pics and vids of my wife nude, with glamour themes, f****** me and f****** other men. I also have videos and pics of her with other women. I normally don't share them on the Internet but my best friend, my oldest brother and an ex-boyfriend of my wife with whom she still is good friends get a collection of the best photos every now and then. My wife knows and loves the thought that other guys who we know perv over her body.

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