I Enjoy abuseing sexually my wife

I tried a*** s** with my wife 3 years and it opened pandora's box. Its always fun but I become a monster when she's in agony it really turns me on. Alot of times she starts crying and thats when I enjoy it the most, I want to stop but I can't help but keep thrusting into her and pushing her face down into the bed. Each thrust that brings a sob, a wimper, a held back grunt, or a painful sigh (The ones that sound like a hiss) sends a intense chill down my spine and I want to thrust harder, but I maintain speed and force. I'm in love with her pain cause for some twisted reason it proves her devotion to me. After I c** inside her I instantly feel guilty and start cuddling at which point she breaths a sigh of relief at the end of her ordeal. I promise my self I won't do it again but eventually I start craving the experience again. At one point she started refusing to do it and that just made me want it even more,so I would then pressure her more and more to the point that she didn't enjoy s** cause she knew it would lead to pressure for a***. It put a strain on our relationship but eventually I would get my way with her. One time we got in a large argument that got so bad I really thought she hated me and I was really angry and told her I was leaving, but for some reason she was afraid of me leaving her and in desperation pleaded for me to stay and in tears actually offered me a*** s**. I was so angry I wanted to hurt her but b(elieve it or not I have yet to swing at her) so I took the offer wanting revenge. I don't remember how I got her clothess off I remember rolling her over roughly in doggie postionand coldly telling her this was going to be rough and she kinda said "Its ok. I need to be punished". I don't know why she said that but thats kinda what I wanted it to be. After hearing that my anger went away but I still needed to take what was mine quitly lubed up (I wanted her to think I was going in raw when in fact I wan't) and thrust it in her somewhat aggresively but not nearly as forceful as I intended. She let out a muffled scream and lunged forward pulling me out of her I cought her by the shoulder her pulled her in tightly and whispered in her ear "This needs to happen" she said "I know... just do what you need to do." she said in a dubdued tone. At that I firmly reinserted my c*** followed by cycles of slow entry but fast recoil to prolong the amount of time her a*** stayed tight. I did what I could t keep her in little pain for hurting me earlier but she loosened up and just laid there taking it after she loosened up I began thrusting faster to draw out those same old muffled grunts that lead me to c**. These days she still hates a*** but we now have a arrangement where I get to have a*** s** only once a week but that it can be any time during the week I choose and she has to endure it till I c**. I don't knew if she dreads the arrival of each new week or just learned to livr with it but she knows this is now apart of our relationship and faithfully endures her obligation. I sometimes want to stop tne arrangement but I never say it to her because once I close this arrangement I'll have a hard time getting it back. I don't want this cycle of consensual rape but I need it.

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  • Your wife should, forcefully f*** your a*** with a d**** and listen to your cries of pain aswell!! My man wouldn't dream of hurting me sexually! If he did, he'd be a goner!!

  • Nope its no fun if she is fakeing it. Her pain is what turns me on. I even make recordings of her crying (Not screaming) that I listen too during the week when she's already met her obligation.

  • Perhaps a product such as a*** eeze would help? I don't think you really want to hurt her...maybe she could just make the required sounds for you, but still not be in actual pain herself. Maybe then you'd both enjoy a*** s** and you'd get it alot more. Also, not to share too much information, but I've discovered with my boyfriend that I enjoy a***, but only with ALOT of foreplay!

  • This doesn't sound like rape at all actually. This sounds like you may of found your BDSM side. She is letting it happen, and the fact that she said she needed to be punished makes it seem like she may be submissive and you seem to be a m********. The fact that she lets it happen, and the from the things you said she said I believe that she deep down might enjoy it(not necessarily the a***) but the idea of you dominating her and taking her. You might want to try it in different ways, like with bondage or spankings and see how you both feel about it. There may be middle grounds where you both enjoy it more.

  • this really just sounds like rape. i hope you get help. i hope she has the courage to ask you to stop.

  • I think that you and yor wife are both idiots.


    This is NOT consensual...she HATES it!!

    Get a life

  • Its not as bad as it sounds. If it looks like she can't take it anymore I'll ease up a little but then slowly start pushing her to the edge again untill again she can't take it anymore. I'll teeter totter her back and forth between mild agony and sheer pain untill I finally c**, usually pushing her a little further at the end of each cycle. If I'm really mad at her from an argument I'll just keep going and won't cut her any slack but I can't last that long in these cases cause her reaction to pain causes me to come faster so while its very intense it doesn't last long.

    I honestly for the life of me can't figure out why she is so desperate not to lose me and allows me to continue doing this to her, but it really is Pandora's box. If you are ever given the opportunity to take this much control over a woman (consensually) and take her this way you really can't go back, some times it can be frightning how far I take it and at times it does feel like rape even though its consensual but the experience draws out a primal craving that I haven't learned to supress.

  • Wow...I hope you treat her really well in other aspects.

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