I started messing around with my buddy 3 months before I started dating what now is my wife. So after I started dating Kelly I stopped it with my friend (for about 2 months). From there on till now 16 years we have been doing just about everything. We started out with giving each other b******* now we have S** 2-3 times a week. I should mention it all started at 22 now we’re 38. I have come to love a***. Now when I have s** with my wife sometimes I get soft and need to fantasize about my buddy doing me a***. I end of having more s** with him than my wife. 🤷🏼‍♂️ Almost got caught one time when my buddy came in me and ended up with some of it on my c***. When I got home the wife wanted to have s** and that was 15 min after my friend came in and on me. She went to suck my d*** and tasted c** that was my friends. I had to convince her that is was pre-c**. So she baught it and continues to suck it. Sooo basically she was consuming my friends c**. And when I f***** her his c** went in her as well lol. All this still goes on till this day!

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  • Disgusting pig. I hope your kids find out one day and your wife exposes you for the gag you truly are.

  • Haven't had the chance to mess around with my close friend . i watch him everyday after gym in the showers ... next weekend , i will get him drunk and ride his d***

  • Sounds like made up

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