Long story short, I found out that my professor chooses exam questions from a particular manual that I happened to find online. Since my tests are open-book, I printed out the pages and taped them into my book. I cheated. I cried my eyes out today after the test; even though I know I got 100%. I probably would get a B in the class, even if I C-ed the next two tests. However, I'm scared.

Jul 12, 2010

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  • F*** that. Do whatever it takes to get to the top.

  • Well, teachers do reuse tests. He was reusing a different one that wasn't in his test question pool. If he plagiarizes someone else, you didn't cheat. You could have already studied those manuals and other texts and be ahead of the game.

    In university there are study groups who have copies of previous year term tests. They are great as you learn the phrasing of the questions and how to best answer. Nothing wrong in preparing yourself with material other than the required course textbooks. A reused question is the advantage of that sort of studying.

    But how did you find out that they were going to be from the that manual? That part may be the cheating aspect. If there was a direct attempt to access the teachers private notes and class material then you are in a gray area. Did only you find out? Passing the information on would also look bad as it would be a group plot to beat the system.

    Next time, make a mistake on purpose. :D

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