Madamme Butterfly

When I cut myself, I listen to music from "Madamme Butterfly". I'm gay, in love with my best friend who will never be in love with me. To make things worst, I'm totally jealous of his girlfriend (even though I love her, and she's great for him... I just get this feeling of envy for her). My biggest fear is being alone, I am so scared of dying alone: I need a man.

Jul 12, 2010

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  • he's right, you know. Your commenter. It will all work out. Your man is out there somewhere and your best friend will ALWAYS be your best friend. And really, why would you want someone who wasnt sexually into u anyway? That's just not worth it. Let your bff be your bff. The BF will show up sometime. Also, the cutting is only hurting you. You may think it makes it better, but it long run, it only adds more pain to your life. Please try to cut less this week than last week. Please try to stop. There's no sense in hurting yourself and it's not fun to try to explain the scars when you DO meet Mr. Right. Bonne chance.

  • Please quit cutting yourself. You never should scar yourself. Ever.

    I know how you feel. I'm a bisexual guy, and I feel so alone at times. I have fallen for so many guys that I lost track. (I lean more to guys)

    Your best friend may never fall for you, but maybe that's what's best. There is a man out there for you, and he will find you one day.

    Drop the knife and never slice yourself again. You can't slice the pain out.

    Trust me.

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