Anxiety From Work

I hate my work environment. I only started to work for a month. I hate the fact that you can't even reply a brief text because my boss will threaten to cut my salary. If my task already finish, I can't even read or do anything that's not relatable to my work. Since I work at this audit firm, tell me what's the fun in reading audit book or tax book? I feel like I'm dying. I'm scared going to work every day because I'm scared that if I finish my tasks early I wouldn't have anything else to do. My senior (tax department) I feel like she hates me because I did almost everything wrong. The fact that I'm a fresh graduate she didn't even consider. plus my work environment is not friendly. it is quiet like I'm dying in that place where u can't even have small chit chat when you're done with your task or overwhelmed with your tasks. I'm thinking of quiting there after a year. I hate my boss and his wife. always does work like there's no tmr. they even stayed late at night to work. I can't even understand. don't they have life or grandkids or kids? I just want a friendly work environment...

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  • I hated a job once but I didn't quit. I was fired and that's worse than quitting by a long shot. If you are this uncomfortable in your job rest assured it won't get any better. If you feel like your going to be terminated then by all means resign from this work.

  • Typically on a job, you are allowed breaks. During those times you can make personal calls, reply to texts and read what you would like. Most companies clearly list do's and don'ts in an employee handbook. When you are on the job, they aren't paying you to do personal things on company time. It's called work for a reason. As for mistakes, everyone makes mistakes that is how you learn. Take notes and ask questions. Not all companies are so rigid. But most likely no employer or manager wants to catch you on your phone all the time. There's a time and place for everything. So be aware of exactly how many times you check. Turn it off if you have to. If you really don't understand that.. think of it terms of money. You are running a company and your employees keep on taking 5 minute breaks to check their phones and you're paying for that. You won't like it. Good idea to stay for a year and things may get better give it a chance. But it never hurts to update your resume, continue to network and look for openings.

  • You should resign. Stop blaming others.

  • Get a grip on your self. Communicate, talk, interact with others and stop blaming. Go watch a movie called "the intern". The old guy found things to do and moved up. The young boss simply did not know how to delegate.

  • I had anxiety attacks and I had to take meds for it. I was laid off and I feel sorry for anyone who has to work at a place with people they can't stand.

  • "Tasks" you know if you approach work where you just do the allocated tasks you will not last long. Look for a way to be involved. Do all those things that others "forget"

  • Ah the wisdom of the young.

    Once upon a time there were no mobile phones and amazingly people managed a whole day at work.

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