I'm Sorry that I Soofed You

Elizabeth, I'm sorry that I soofed you like that. I never meant to do that. It sometimes just gets out of hand. When I was growing up it was hard for me to meet people and I would often soof them but it wasn't like I would soof all the time. I thought I would outgrow it and yet here I am soofing the one person I never meant to soof. I hope you will forgive me Elizabeth. If I ever soof you again, it will be a long day in h*** for me. No more soofing, I promise.

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  • Swear

    OMG,you grownups are soooooooo lame and stupid.
    Why don't you pick up a good book like Twilight, or anything so you know what we mean when we say stuff?

  • yes, what the h*** is soof means? could this person explain to us if where did he get this word? it doesn't exist..gave me headache!

  • If you didn't get an answer the first time, why the h*** did you think you'd get an answer the next four times?

  • A word that could only have been invented by a Floritard, unless he/she is speaking of SOOF as the sugery done around the cheeks.
    I'm still banking on Floritard though.

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