Nothing wrong with a little help

When my grandson was 15 i let him in on a little secret that i had some p*** if he ever wanted to come round and watch some,I meant when i was out but he thought i meant now and asked me to put one on,I seen him shifting in his seat and told him it's ok to be turned on and it's ok if he felt like sticking his hand down,I made sure he knew what happens was going to be a secret,he still couldn't keep still so i said take it off if you want so he did i knew exactly what he wanted to do was to w*** so i said he could use upstairs and he got up and asked if i wanted to come up,did say if he wanted a hand he should stay downstairs,when it was time i held his stiff c*** and said to f*** my hand and the h**** devil did just that and didn't even give me any warning that he was about to c** he covered my black blouse,it was a one off moment and never mentioned it to anyone.

Feb 7, 2021

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  • I dont think your a bad first sight of hairy p**** was my nan sat with her legs slighlty spread .

  • This is fake...can easily tell

  • You’re nasty. You took advantage of a young boy, I hope you rot in the worst nursing home. You disgust me.

  • Yes

  • Did you end up sucking him at least once?

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