Dear Alex

I am still in love with you, Alex. I never stopped being in love with you. I'm sorry for everything that happened between us... and I'm sorry that we can never truly be together because of the different values and morals we have. It's the most profound heartbreak I've ever experienced in my life -- loving someone but knowing you are probably both better off without each other. We could never be what we wanted each other to be. You wanted me to be more wild and free. I wanted you to be more exclusive and devoted... I think what's really sad is I know we would have been really great friends. We always had a great friendship. You really are the best friend I've ever had. You showed up for me more than anyone and you allowed me to express myself. On an emotional level, you accepted me when no one else did. You freed me more than you know and I grounded you. I'm glad that's what we did for each other... yet perhaps it was never meant to last. We were only meant to be a lesson and growth for each other. I wish we could be friends. But we can't... because the passion and attraction we feel towards each other will always be there. The desire is still strong. Too strong to just be friends... yet there isn't enough stability for a relationship, even though we really love each other. Isn't it bittersweet? I'll love you until the end. But now I know I must let you go and move on. I hope our paths cross again and that we will get it right when it does -- be it lovers or friends. Thank you for being in my life. From, C.

Mar 9

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