I'm Dirty.

I am a straight teenager that has been taken advantage of... and I'm afraid I enjoyed it. I have friend that is a bi girl, I too am a girl but I AM NOT BI.. before this anyway. 'Lilly' told me the first time that she was bi when she spent the night at my house. We were lying in bed and she had always sleep-in just her panties because it was more 'comfortable.' I didn't have a problem with it at first. It started when she told me she had been with a girl before, a little like 'now' she asked me if I was willing to take my panties off, so she could show me what she learned. I told her I wasn’t like that, that I was straight, and she promised me I would be, it’s okay because we are best friends. I just shook my head and said that’s okay I'm sure someday my boyfriend and I will try it. She laughed it off. . In the middle of the night I woke up because I had started orgaseming. She had her hand down my panties and was rubbing me very, very hard. I was really freaked out and couldn't believe I hadn't woken up until now... but what really freaked me out was I was really enjoying it. My body was hot and wet. My nipples were so hard I could see them through my tee-shirt, and I longing for her touch. She smirked because she knew I had woken up because I had bucked it felt so good, I was even moaning… she knew I liked it and because of that she leaned in and whispered in my ear. 'If you want me to continue, you will have to beg me.' I couldn't even believe she had said that to me, but I was on the brink of my climax and I almost screamed for more... After I 'finished.' I felt so dirty, and still h****, I couldn’t stop the feeling. I tried to get up and walk it off but eventually I told her that it was good practice and I wanted to know more. She did so much to me that night my c*** burned and I had to wash my sheets the next morning.

Jul 24, 2010

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  • You are not dirty. Our bodies can respond with pleasure even if we did not agree with what is going on. You did not consent to what happened -- even if it felt good. Sometimes people who are molested or raped get physically turned on. But that doesn't make it okay. It was uncool of your friend to take advantage of you. She asked, you said know. She should have respected your wishes.

  • why are guys on thease sites so f****** creepy

  • I'd f*** you hot spot I masterbated after that one thank you sweetie ;)

  • wow that sounds alright to me im bi though..so it would lol. though i think its a best friend thing last time a saw my best friend (she lives a few hours away) she randomly made out with me. just because your straight doesnt make what happened wrong girls are usually curious. my best friend is actually straight and has a boyfriend *shrugs*

  • She really said that you'd have to beg her for more? Wow, sounds like an awesome friend. Are you still friends now, just curious but what's the story?

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