Lick it

This a shocking and tire story when I was 11 i liked jack and the beanstalk stories then I looked at pictures of giants then I thought to my self hey maybe I should cheack YouTube so I meet giantess soon I went form feet to pov to vote butcurshing and more then I saw a bodies of a pretty girl in pov of her feet talking to the vimer she was mean a had pretty feet I went to her acount and saw more videos call "lick my foot slave" I liked it but then i looked up that sentence I I love the videos and I loved it soon I saw a video that had buttcrush and the video had a website on it so I went there and found new links lick my feet my ass my sweat smother and more.I then went on google and typed lick my feet I found a website that had feet p**** sweat ass p*** and facesitting I soon went on that watch clips a pics of naked and hatf naked misstress and slaves I so when'd on the links and went to facesiting it had girls naked and have men and women lick there p**** and ass it was hot and it had pov to I watched it when my famliy was out or fsleeping I soon waxen more and read more I. Felt bad a dirty I wanted to confess I went on 18+ and I'm only 12 what was I thinking so I gave it up I google how to get rid of it I now confess please don't make this mistake ps I'm a girl and I'm straight I saw girls on those sites I liked it but now I hate it please leve comments sorry for spelling /grammar I'm now a free angel D.a.s

Jul 28, 2010

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  • All I have to say is that there's nothing wrong with having a fetish, girl. But if you're twelve, you should probably wait till you're older to look up something like that again.

  • Thanks and sorry I won't do it agin :|

  • well what on the sites did you like the most??

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