Breeding animals

I have a strange obsession with breeding different species of animals to see what they make. I have done: 'cat' + 'Donkey' = Catonkey a cat face, donkey body and cat senses. 'fish' + 'zebra' = Zish a swimming, scaly zebra that has gills. I'm 43 yrs old and I need this to stop now!!! Someone help me please I don't want to live my life hurting innocent animals :'(

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  • Its very possible this could be a "legitimate" post. The Bible refers to this sin in Genesis. If you are in eugenics you should leave NOW. This is a serious sin, and the so-called genetic "improvements" are an abomination. Seek Jesus Christ of Nazareth and ask Him to forgive your sins. Start reading the Bible, and live a Godly life, or you will perish.

  • Obvious troll is obvious.

  • Try f****** a donkey, maybe you'll end up with a dumbass

  • lol ur dumb u cant breed those animals they have a different amount of chromosomes.

  • How about a Dolraffe - Dolphin and Giraffe perhaps? this could be gnarley

  • Thanks guys I used to make 5-6 a week but now I'm down to 2!!

  • haha lol i do this to

  • Yeah that dude's right.....just draw them.....u can also create them using photoshop.....eventually it will stop

  • ... you draw them?

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