I have a very close relationship with

I have a very close relationship with my boyfriend's (Cam) brother (Ricky). Ricky and i used to go out when we were teenagers and have been really close ever since. Best of Friends
When i was young i was very sexually experimental and my best friend (who claims to be a lesbian) and i had a thing going for about a 6 months. I then found out that she ahd slept with my ex boyfriend while i was still with him, so i ended it with her, but tried to remain friends. i was pretty p***** about the whole thing but i got over it. Then i met Ricky and we hooked up as a casual kinda thing. Then i found out that she had seduced him and they had slept together. This didn't really bother me, as i was seeing Cam by now, but still, she couldn't help herself. She has always had to have what i have had...

Now she and Ricky live together (only as friends) and Cam and i live together as partners.
This weekend just gone, Ricky went camping and so she came to visit us so they could watch the horse races. From the minute she walked in i felt uneasy and they started to expell me from everything they did. There was something about the way Cam was behaving. Call it jelousy, i don't know, but something just felt wrong.

I went to bed and woke up in the morning and am almost certain- 80% that they had s**. i found them asleep in my bed and Cam was wearing just a t-shirt and boxers, and there was p*** in the dvd player - he says he was watching it by himself earlier that day...

I organised to meet Ricky for a drink so i could ask what he thought about it and he agreed. He thought it'd happened on another occasion as well while i was away and they had all spent the weekend together.

Ricky and i got drunk and had s** together in his car at the pub and ended up just lying naked together all night talking. We ended up telling each other that we had always had feelings for one another and really would like to be together. We both feel sparks when we are together and have a very experimental outlook in bed which Cam and i don't have at all.

Ricky and i almost had s** a couple of months ago when we were alone but stopped before it went too far because we didn't want to hurt anyone.

Cam has told me that he can guarantee that nothing happened with her, but i feel i cannot trust him. I want him to have cheated so that Ricky and i can be together.

Ricky rang me today and after much talking we both said we realise we can never be together and we have to push it out of our minds. I don't think i can do that. I don't want to do that. He is all i think about. I want to be with him so badly but they have a very close family and this would ruin it all. Some advise please......

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  • In order to have a healthy relationship there needs to be trust. Do you think that you would trust him later when all you'll probably be thinking is that he might cheat ? Maybe you need to move on . And as for the other man maybe you should forget about him . He's already cheated on you before , you don't need that hurt no more . You need a new man that respects you and friends that won't sleep with your boyfriend . You should've disowned them from the start :p

  • she didn't mispell realise, idiot, she is from europe

  • Get rid of your so-called friend. She's not a friend at all. If you're not satisfied with your current boyfriend, then why be with him? Don't lead him on. As for the other guy... wait and see.

  • You sound like a hilbilly. First of all, you arranged to meet Ricky..Not Organized, which incidentally, you mispelled. Quit s******* the two brothers and your girlfriend, and study a dictionary!

  • where there is smoke there is a fire.
    forget these people and move away.

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