Daddy did me

My dad had been drinking all day i start walking around the house in a bikini and every time i walked by he watched close i had ben planning with myself all day so i was really wet i waked in front of him and bint over to pick some up thin i felt his hand on my ass thin he ripped off my panties and showed his d*** in me he couldn't resist his 15 year old daughter he f*** me thin nutted on my back i continued waking around like that a couple hours later he mounted me again and gave me a good f*** thin he cam on my b**** after ripping off my bro so i walked around the rest of the night naked covered in daddy c** that night he grabbed me by my arm and draged me to his bed and got on top of me and started f****** thin i Hurd him say mommy name and thin he cam deep in me thin he passed out with his d*** in me i tryed but couldn't get up at one point i think her was having a wet dream from being in me he gave about 3 hard humps and cam im me again around 4 am a woke up to mom screaming ot get the f*** out of her bed and thin she kicked dad in the ribe hard enough to nock him off me the next day she refused to let me get the morning after pill she told me i would have to dill with it so now wired i might be pregnant


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  • Sick fock stand on the tracks and wait

  • Instead of the morning after pill, you should invest in a thesaurus, dictionary and tutor because your writing is atrocious.

  • Hahahaha

  • If he raped you call the police.

  • But I love him

  • Did you enjoy s** with your dad?

  • I told you to stop posting fake u b******

  • Your right It is fake he also wrote "My daughter first time" In that one he was the dad.

  • Why dont u straight away sell urself in the market like a s** toy

  • But Blaine likes to sit on top of people's stomachs at school recess

  • Did you want s** with your dad?

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