Prayers Please

This guy 6 years older.
Met him getting glasses.
I think he might be interested.
He asks about me sometimes
I know he's atheist
And liberal

I'm christian
And conservative independent
I like him
I wish he loved god like I do.
Pray for him please.

Even if we don't ever get together I want him to be happy.

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  • Don't! You will not change him and you will be miserable in the end. The bible talks about being unequally yoked and believe you me you will regret this. I married a nonbeliever and it's been awful.

  • Heh, I'm in the exact same situation except I'm the older athiest guy. Seven years age difference instead of six, and we met at UNI instead of getting glasses. She says she will only date another Christian, but I know she really likes me.

    I think if you like someone enough than things like religious differences or politics don't matter.

    I would never tell anyone, but if we became a couple it would probably cause me to convert.

  • I'm praying :)

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