Small Religon Rant

Why is religion such a big deal? People should believe whatever they want. I'm personally Cristian, but i don't force my beliefs on anyone. You could believe in the Giant Spaghetti Monster, and I'd be cool. I don't understand why everyone gets so butthurt and offended because someone says that they don't believe in God, or that God doesn't exist. Let people live their own lives, as religious, gay, atheist, religonless, or trans. As long as they're happy, then it shouldn't be anyone else's business what they do, think, or say.

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  • Critical thinking skills legit an idea is should be based on the amount of evidence for it........ believing in anything without thinking about it isn't a good quality "faith"

  • Even people who claim to rely on statistics and "facts" come from a place of feeling and/or faith. They delude themselves that they're purely cold rational people, because if they weren't they wouldn't adore "debate" (aka shouting down everyone who doesn't agree with them) the way a tweaker adores heroin.

  • It's because their values get shoved into politics and science if that stopped no one would give a s*** what made up bullshit u believe in. People die religion won't help you get over it when it happens because deep down u know it's fake

  • Amen to that! :)

  • I think people like to be associated with people like themselves. You know rich people like to be around rich people. People who like one political party like to be with the same type. Same with religious belief.

    The converse is people feel threatened by difference. Poor people are uncomfortable around rich and so on.

    Then you get the nutcases who what to kill you if you are different. Whether that's race, sexuality or religeon.

  • I agree wholeheartedly.

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