Going Crazy

I've been married for 30 years. Yes, there have been temptations but I've resisted and overcome them, but recently I met a woman on the internet (I wasn't looking) 1,000 miles away and there was instant chemistry. We chat, we IM and we share pictures (some quite intimate). I can't get her out of my mind. I haven't felt like this since I was a teenager - it's totally crazy! The only thing keeping us apart is the distance.

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  • Guard Your Heart
    What appears to be a harmless glance
    Can turn to romance
    And homes are divided
    Feelings that should never have been
    Awaken within
    Tearing the heart in two
    Listen, I beg of you!

    Guard your heart, Guard your heart
    Don't trade it for treasure
    Don't give it away
    Guard your heart, Guard your heart
    As a payment for pleasure
    It's a high price to pay
    For a soul that remains sincere
    With a conscience clear
    Guard your heart

    The human heart is easily swayed
    And often betrayed
    At the hands of emotion
    We dare not leave the outcome to chance
    We must choose in advance
    Or live with the agony
    Such needless tragedy

  • If you leave your wife, someone who has been by your side through the ups and downs for 30 years, for someone (who lets face it you don't know) than you are an idiot. Think about it if you been with the same person that last 30 years and they put up with your ass AND still love you than there worth dieing with.

  • Go for it! After being stuck married for 30 years to an dull boring alcoholic loser I wish that I acted on some of the opportunities for passion and excitement that came my way. Just be careful about STDs and be discrete. Staying with one person for 30 years is way too long anyway and at this point she like most older women probably no longer cares about s**.

  • ^ Wanna know whats in my closet?? ;)

  • Thank you for the reality check, Dr. Phil, but what are you doing getting your kicks on a confession site - living vicariously through others? That's a little creepy... what's in your closet?

  • Grow Up!!!

    How in h*** can anyone be so stupid to think they are in love (l***) with someone they have never met in person?

    Turn off your computer and take YOUR WIFE to dinner! You j***!

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