Cheating on wife, with other men...

I started to notice my attraction towards men in my middle school years. Although I've been attracted to women all my life, deep inside I was always curious about men. I went from masturbating to straight p***, to eventually gay p***. It wasn't till my late 20's that I actually had s** with another guy, and I really enjoyed it. I did't know that another guy could make you c** so good and keep you so hard. The only problem was that as soon as I would c**, I wanted nothing else to do with that person. The whole idea of it would make me sick......But then with time, I would start thinking about it all over again, and my urges got stronger and stronger. I guess if I was to get a label it would be discreet bisexual, besides I could never see myself being with another man, other than a sexual relationship. Anyways, I've been married for 3 years now, and lately I had been wanting to f*** a guy so I went on craigslist. I know what you are thinking, "Craigslist?" but you'll be surprised, you'll find many married men, that are looking for someone to f*** them with no strings attached. So I went from having s** one guy, then another and then another. I've had s** with four different men already several times. I finally had to stop because it was getting to addictive. The only problem now is that I had unprotected s**, and started to get worried not for myself, but for my wife. I know I'm not the best husband, the idea of me doing this would have never crossed my wife's mind and I'm thinking of going to check myself. The reason I say I'm not worried for myself is because I knew what I was doing, and as much as I put a condom on, I just couldn't get the same reaction as when it was bareback, I just don't want to give her a vd. I love my marriage, although I have no kids, I just went from having s** all the time to not really wanting to have s** with her, because of this. What's funny is that, I never thought of cheating on her with other women, I guess that would hurt her more. I know I'm not the only married man that has done this........

Aug 21, 2010

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  • why dont you just stick to only sucking them and not f******? its safer and you can still get d***. your story is very hot!

  • Why don't you get your wife a strap-on and get her to do you. That may kill the urge to cheat because you're getting your prostate tickled but you seem to have gotten to the point that you don't want her touch or her body next to yours. If this is so, she may already know you've been unfaithful. One more thing women tipically feel that s** is an emotional act, although it's normally just physical for a man so She will be hurt either way but more because she may feel like she has somehow "turned" you gay/bi.

  • You need to come to terms with your sexuality, and, you need to tell her you've cheated on her. If not for the sake of honesty and trust, for the sake of safety. STD's can range from annoying to deadly. Unprotected s** is stupid.

  • what is wrong with you? What if you gave your wife an STD it would ruin her life and it would be all your fault. What your doing is selfish, if your going to cheat on her you could at least where a condom to protect HER. You seriously need to decide what your doing, your wife is going to want to have kids someday and you don't want things to be all screwed up for them if she finds out!

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