My Puerto Rican Wife

In 2012 i confessed to my wife that the thought of her with another man or a mfm threesome was a huge turn on. It was hard for me to tell her & for her to understand, not only because I was always a bit jealous, but she would never think I'd be pushing for her to f*** other men. I tried to come up with the most logical explanation as to why I felt like this & I'd end up confusing her & myself. She wondered where this feeling came from & the truth is I was exposed to s** at a young age & watched all types of p*** & still do. A few years back I'm on p*** sites & came across this hotwife thing, I see sexy women seducing & sexing men while husbands wait home, watch in secrecy, in person or join in. It was intriguing & I began to read up & the more I read the more It liked it. Weird thing is, in 2001 my wife had a work relationship with a man that still bothers & makes me jealous, so it was hard to understand why I felt like this & even harder for her since it almost ruined our relationship. But as time went on, my wife & I got to a place I never thought possible & it was all due to our communication. I embraced her & her willingness to talk things out no matter the situation or mood, without filters, just being truthful & transparent with each other. We were able to move on & even discuss it; she confessed more than before, maybe she felt comfortable enough to know I moved on, she feels secure & I guess a bit confident & sexy to tell me what before was torture to what is now a sort of a natural aphrodisiac. I caught her on the phone once at 7am with the guy who she later confessed to, she was naked in the bathroom, her explanation has never been clear. To me, she was either having phone s** or finalizing plans for that morning. it's the most logical explanation i can come up with, why would she call him as soon as I walked out the house? She also lied twice about who she was on the phone with. As far as I'm concerned, I ruined whatever was going on that morning, whether she was about to c** over s** talk or get f***** later on. Til' this day she assures me that aside from just talk, there was never any s** or anything physical other than a tap kiss. She said he was just a friend that she enjoyed talking to, he was cool & funny, all the qualities I thought I had. Maybe I ignored or took her for granted, maybe I stopped being someone she yearned for s** with, I went thru an ugly stage letting my hair grow, worked 2 jobs & played sports, maybe i wasn't satisfying her & only got myself off; something I was always mindful of, maybe this guy just said the right words or maybe she is just wired to be what I now am wired to obsess over. Years later, she confessed how much she wanted to give herself to him but could not do it because of how much she loved me, even when I made it easy for her to do so. While part of me wants to believe there's more & she just can't get herself to tell me, part of me is very comfortable knowing that what she says is true because of what we've been thru & the things we've done & say to each other. So we get in to this fetish, my wife is more comfortable with it, we both c** hard during s**. We call a s** chat line & she talks to men & women & it revs our s** even more. We look for places to visit & it leads to swinger clubs; the thought of being seduced by handsome single men while the husband watches really aroused her, however, her arousal aroused me but the reality of it did not. So we go on craigslist; she exchanges emails, texts & calls with a bbc, but at this point, it seems as if everything we do is just pillow talk which enhances the s**. We find a site where you skype with other & it's the 1st time she took it a step further by agreeing to dress sexy & webcam with a stranger. That night, I felt my wife was the most beautiful woman in the world, so sexy & worthy of anything & anyone she wanted. The guy ended up kind of dull/boring, she did show herself to him & teased him by touching herself, you can say we had an amazing night afterwards. This next one had me in my feelings, none of which were anger or regret, more like wonder & l***. I came home for lunch, she was alone & confessed she skyped with some guy. It started out as chat & led to flashing each other & her having a strong o***** with him. I told her i was happy & excited for her & it led to a good f*** session. My wife indulges more & is now open to an adventure with a woman; something she always fancied so she placed and responded to a few posts on craigslist, there were many responses but nothing ever materialized. At times, too much back & forth that got no where & I felt she like she was unsure if she can go thru with it. This all happened while living in my hometown & close to family which played a role in taking this to the next level. In 2013 we made a decision for our family & moved to a small town in another state & it had nothing to do with the lifestyle. We begin to settle into our new life, working & family takes over. As things calm down in a slow paced environment, coming from a super fast one, time is something we now have a lot of, even with work & family, it feels like time moves twice as slow here. We never stopped taking care of each other's physical/emotional needs, but it's less & it did not involve anything or anyone like before. It was only a matter of time before I began to bring it up with little resistance, but tbh, it felt like nothing more than pillow talk which I was ok with. I began to answer & create posts on craigslist under m4mw and mw4w to see the response we get. I felt more comfortable with this lifestyle because now we live in a small town, we don't know anyone & family is far away. She gets into it as well, our s** is hot, we involve s** toys which have been part of us since we began dating. We respond & receive many emails, but for some reason, we never go further, whether her, me, us or reality, nothing ever happened. One night we go to a theater where couples & singles hook up while watching p***, what we read about the place was so different than what we experienced. The place felt dirty, we saw couples having s** that just wasn't sexy & the single men were too creepy for my wife. If there was ever a time she was open to doing something, this was it & it failed. She tried chatting with the same bbc from before & skyped with him but she lost interest. To put things in perspective, my wife was open to this, it made our s** life hotter. We didn't always use it to spice things up. She found herself playing along & if the right situation came along I think she would've made something happen, even with all her reservations like faith. But for all the talk & as much as she enjoyed it & took part in it, it was a small fraction versus the times she didn't. I brought it up all the time, she enjoyed it & came hard, but it would only get her open if I bring it up during s**. I was the one obsessing over it, during work, even when we weren't having s**, it was always on my mind. I was answering emails like for her, I'd show her & she'd be ok with it but it wasn't like she was checking in or answering emails herself. It was ME!! It eventually felt like I was living a fantasy all alone. I caught myself, felt embarrassed & stupid & wondered how my wife saw me & felt. So I took a step back, even when i thought about it, i ignored it. I made the effort to enjoy s** just the two of us. But it was always there & at times i brought it up & she ignored it, other times she'd join in my fantasy. The nights we played truth or dare were special, it allowed us to get naughty & i'd always push the envelope with questions about the lifestyle & she'd give in to thoughts & desire, but my guess is, I coerced it by playing the game with one thing in mind. She would ask other naughty questions & end up talking about my l*** anyway. I kinda feel like she did it because my arousal caused her arousal. At times we had casual conversations that led me to believe she would consider my fantasy because of how she felt. She'd tell me about her reservations, faith & how it can cause problems which was something i thought of, but I chose to ignore & disregard it. She told me she wanted me to obsess over her & only her & at the same time she didn't want me to feel like she was a boring, non-adventurous wife; something i never felt, but it was mind f****** with her & that is why I felt she might let this happen. i continued to dabble in the lifestyle from time to time, at times she did too, then one night; June 15, 2014 (Father's Day/NBA finals) a regular slow Sunday, I was looking thru emails & saw a response from a man close by, she's sitting next to me watching the Spurs vs Heat. I show her, she smiled & says answer him yes. I answer, but it's something we.e done before, we agree to meet in Walmart parking lot, she goes to shower/shave etc... i don't really think it's happening, a few email exchanges to confirm, the spurs win the finals, now I'm more focused & walk to the bathroom & we discuss it.
Part 2 later. won't fit


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  • For me it's not about my wife f****** another guy, it's about the lying and sneaking around that p***** me off. I told my wife when I married her that if she ever wanted to f*** someone else to just let me know and we would work something out, but if she ever f***** someone else and didn't tell me, then it would be over and I would divorce her.

    She's only ever asked to f*** one guy in the 14 years we been married. She came home one day from work and asked to talk. She asked me if I was serious about what I said when we married. I told her yes and she proceeded to tell me that she wanted to f*** this guy at her work. I asked her if she had f***** him already and she said no. I then asked her when she wanted to f*** him and she said she wanted to f*** him that coming weekend on Saturday night if I was ok with it. I told her to have fun, be safe, and be home on Sunday morning by 10AM. She f***** him probably 6 or 7 times before she had enough and ended it. That was probably 8 years ago now. She has never f***** anyone since.

  • I’d love to hear more! You can email me.

  • Any updates?

  • Just start over from the beginning. By the time you get to the end, another 1.1 years will have passed.


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