I Hate my Husband!

I realized right after I got married, 30 years ago, that I had made a big mistake but didn't feel like I could get out of it, due to family/religious pressure. Then stupidly, I had 3 kids in quick succession because that's what a good Irish Catholic woman did in those days. My husband has been depressed for years won't get help but instead drinks to self medicate. I'm sick and tired of covering for his drinking and trying to always maintain a cheerful facade. Everyone thinks he such a great guy but it's been awful. He just lost another job due to his drinking and his always negative attitude. He's 57 now and the chance of him scoring another job are not great. I was badly injured in a car accident 5 years ago but still manage to work and run a part time business on the side. However, I'm so tired of emotionally supporting him. All the kids are grown and on their own so it's time for me to go. Honestly we haven't had a physical relationship in years and I have zero feelings for him. Well no, actually, I kind of hate him at this point but try to fake it. He's oblivious to my feelings anyway. In the past year I had to handle Him being robbed at gunpoint when he staggered outside the bar at 1 am to drive home drunk, being told by his doctor that his memory is shot because of the years of drinking and I will probably end changing his diapers in a few years, Having our house insurance canceled and refused reinstatement because he used the money for booze, not paying taxes for same reason and him threatening to kill my dogs because there are too many mouths to feed WTF? Guess what honey I am not changing your diapers ever and in fact will be out of here before you know it. F*** you, you sub human!

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  • It sounds like you have a wonderful life ahead of you!! You are amazing, and now you get a chance to explore your amazing-ness.

    When you do leave him, tell him why.

    Congratulations for being strong. It is never too late to start anew.

  • I am sorry for you my dear. I am happily married and I thank God for that. I have certainly had my share of abuse from my wife through the years but we seem to have passed the point of no return. We both truly feel that we are good to spend the rest of our lives together. I hope you find the happiness and love that I have.

    And to your drunkard of a husband I say; You had the chance to grow old with a beautiful woman and you chose to marry the bottle. F*ck You

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