Diapered, 33 year old man.

I fell asleep on the couch after getting really drunk. I ended up wetting myself because I was that out of it; it wasnt the first time. My partner found me loads of times. One day after work I came home and he sat me down and told me he wanted me in diapers, he had a bought a stack of them for me coming home. I agreed and was made to bin my normal underwear. Ever since then I've been diapered to the point I'm in plastic pants as well. I feel like a complete idiot but I'm stuck now. It's now at the point that I'm not allowed clothes on in the house, diapers and plastic pants only.

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  • My wife does not allow me to hide my thick cloth night diapers anymore. If I start hiding my diapers, no more diapers. It is so much fun. She has started cutting the tabs off disposables to use as boosters for my cloth diapers. I am 68 years old and many ladies know all about my diapers. No big deal. Really.

  • How come the ladies know about your diapers?
    Because they have seen you , or because they are on your washing line or something else? And how long have you been wearing them ?

  • I wish I could be that confident but I'm very embarassed about having to wear them.

  • Are you allowed clothes when you have visitors? And do you have to use diapers for messing as well ? How did Christmas go for you , did you get any gifts related to your diapering and chastity?

  • And I have to use the diaper for it's full purpose now thanks to your question. It was just wetting before.

  • Sorry if I but the idea about messing your diapers out there ! How did it come about that you now have to mess as well and is that everywhere or just at home ? Also you say you have diapers of different designs , were they from your wife . And what designs are they ?
    Thanks for replying to my last question!

  • I have pink princess ones and little paws designs. I have to use diapers everywhere; home, work and when out. It's really humiliating. My night time diapers are just plain white but always with plastic panties.

  • How did work react when you started wearing diaper to work , and also your friends and family want was there reaction when they found out ?
    Do you change at work or have you ever had to get changed at friends or family’s homes , and do you do it or does your wife take you and change you? Thank you for your last reply 👍

  • Work and family havent said that they know but I think it looks obvious. I get taken to have changes done and at work I have to send regular picture updates.

  • What sort of picture updates? That you still have your diaper on or if you wet ?
    And when drying your plastic pant are they on view to visitors?

  • I have to pull my work trousers down and show front and back. My plastic pants are on view at home along with my diapers.

  • Are you worried about someone walking in when you are taking the photos , and does your she keep the photos on her phone ?
    Can you hear your plastic pants when at work ? And if so do you think other people can ? Has anyone visiting ask about the diapers and plastic pants? And thank for your reply 😊

  • I can hear the plastic pants all the time :(

  • Have you had funny looks at work? Or when out and about , ie like shopping?

  • Yes. Especially when they poke out of my waist band :( I'm always made to get things from low shelves when out shopping.

  • Do you also buy your diapers when your out ? And if so have you herd any comments?

  • My diapers get delivered luckily. I've seen people staring when I'm out.

  • I'm allowed to wear clothes but they dont hide my diaper very well. My shirts are short and my diaper waist band has to be above whatever I'm wearing. When visitors aren't there I'm only allowed to be in a diaper and rubber pants. Christmas was interesting. I got a few new packs of diapers with new designs on. There was also a ball gag and vibrating butt plug that I now have to wear on a night time. :(

  • You say a chastity cage was bought, has she made you wear it yet ? And does she change you if you wet ?

  • I'm now in the chastity cage; it only comes off for cleaning and shaving and my hands are tied when this happens.

  • And I do get changed when wet but it depends on how much of my diaper is filled.

  • So what does your pattern do for pleasure if you can’t please them ?

  • They watch me struggle now with the chastity cage. This turns them on knowing I'm a useless man.

  • Sounds like you're being made to dress the way you should be. Hope you enjoy your diapers and plastic panties. If it was up to me I'd have your d*** in a chastity cage as well.

  • The only enjoyment I get is when I'm given permission to rub one out in my diaper. This is still humiliating as I have to jump a pillow or something. A chastity cage has been bought as well but not put on, the tightness of the diapers and plastic pants mean my d*** is pretty much out of reach and I'm in no way allowed to interfere with my special underwear.

  • How often are you permitted your chastity cage off ?

  • Every few days for cleaning and shaving

  • That should be hump not jump.

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