Diapered, 33 year old man.

I fell asleep on the couch after getting really drunk. I ended up wetting myself because I was that out of it; it wasnt the first time. My partner found me loads of times. One day after work I came home and he sat me down and told me he wanted me in diapers, he had a bought a stack of them for me coming home. I agreed and was made to bin my normal underwear. Ever since then I've been diapered to the point I'm in plastic pants as well. I feel like a complete idiot but I'm stuck now. It's now at the point that I'm not allowed clothes on in the house, diapers and plastic pants only.

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  • Are you allowed clothes when you have visitors? And do you have to use diapers for messing as well ? How did Christmas go for you , did you get any gifts related to your diapering and chastity?

  • You say a chastity cage was bought, has she made you wear it yet ? And does she change you if you wet ?

  • I'm now in the chastity cage; it only comes off for cleaning and shaving and my hands are tied when this happens.

  • And I do get changed when wet but it depends on how much of my diaper is filled.

  • So what does your pattern do for pleasure if you can’t please them ?

  • They watch me struggle now with the chastity cage. This turns them on knowing I'm a useless man.

  • Sounds like you're being made to dress the way you should be. Hope you enjoy your diapers and plastic panties. If it was up to me I'd have your d*** in a chastity cage as well.

  • The only enjoyment I get is when I'm given permission to rub one out in my diaper. This is still humiliating as I have to jump a pillow or something. A chastity cage has been bought as well but not put on, the tightness of the diapers and plastic pants mean my d*** is pretty much out of reach and I'm in no way allowed to interfere with my special underwear.

  • That should be hump not jump.

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