I Live in a Diaper-Positive Household

I know it's weird to you, but it's ture. I was raised in a diaper-positive house hold. That just means we're encouraged to wear diapers past potty training age. I'm a boy and 18 years old. My parents wear them, and my sister does too. We don't conform to how most people relieve and soil themselves. A ceramic bowl is arbitrary. Me and my sister skiped potty training. We wore diapers to school. We change each other into fresh new diapers. We still use a changing table. Long car rides on vacations are not a hassle. I find diapers comfortable. I also like cloth diapers too.
I know you'll have questions, (Ask Me Anything).

Apr 26

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  • I think all families should be diaper-positive households. I think potty training is piontless.

  • WTF? What about the smell and diaper rash? It was bad enough changing kids diapers; it must be ** changing yours. I can't imagine the sorts of rashes and yeast infections you must all get on a regular basis.

  • It's not bad all the time. We try to make sure rashes and yeast infections don't happen. They sill happen, but not as often as you think.

  • I wish I had a family like yours. I'm starting to think that potty training is pointless with the number of AB/DLs rising.

  • Your a ** grown man dude.

  • I know that, but I like the way I live.

  • You must be living in the white house now!

  • No I'm not.

  • I've been reading about the Adult Baby community and how It's growing bigger. This seems to be the the logocal conclusion. Your an adult baby, and then you encourage your kids to be the same.

  • I'm guess your first girlfriend was considered your playmate, and your dates were play dates. LOL!

  • Sounds to me like you and your parents are AB/DL. If that's the case, do you have one room in the house that acts as your family nursery?

  • Yes we do. We use the nursery on our days off work. We have toys of difrent kinds. We have a bin of stuffed animals. We have baby themed blankets and cute pacifiers. We even have an adult sized crib to sleep in. It's a carpeted room. We love it.

  • In reality It's actually hard as a parent to keep kids in diaper. They know the social norms. There is pressure from other parents and of course the grandparents.

  • My parents did have to lie to get them off there backs. They said medical conditions were the reasons why we got stuck in diapers. They said it was unfortunately, "Family Genetics."

  • We've managed to keep them in diapers at night. They are pretty compliant until they start high school

  • My parents did try to potty train us when we were in high school, only because they had to. They used potty training chairs, and even the charts. In the end, our day accidents and bed wettings got us put right back into diapers.

  • What the ** you are too old for that especially when you were a teenager in high school.

  • I know I'm too old it, but I like my lifestyle. I feel comfortable with it.

  • Hi!. I'm 26 year old ABDL girl. My Mom wasn't always good about making sure I had enough diapers so growing up I sometimes just peed in my pants. I actually can control my bowels, but generally choose not to. I don't really have control over pee and that's just fine with me. I finally found a bf who thinks it's cool that I use diapers and loves to change me. I also reaalllly love to pee the bed, but for obvious reasons don't get to do it very often, and only with a liner and towels. And as you say, long car trips are a piece of cake. I actually got my bf to diaper on our last vacation to cut down on rest stops. I liked it. I think I might make a DL out of him yet.

  • To ab/dl girl-I just turned 15 three months ago and am still bedwetting from puberty! Since my puberty started at 12 and the bedwetting,i have been wearing cloth diapers and plastic pants to bed every night.I am finially making my First Holy Communion next sunday,May 21st in the class of 7 year olds.I am going to wear the traditional,short sleeve,poofy,knee length communion dress and veil with lace anklets and white maryjane shoes.My parents told me that i have to wear my cloth diapers and plastic pants with a tee shirt under my dress to make me feel pure like the little girls because they wear them under their dresses.The plastic pants i wear over my diapers to bed fit me blousy and crinkle under my nightgown and i am paranoid that people will hear them crinkling under my communion dress,especially my friends and boyfriend! How can i solve this problem?

  • We do an enema each night. Night time diaper catch any additional discharge that way they can be diaper free at school.

  • You sound so cute. Are you incontinent? I peed the bed too. Long car trips did get smelly, but my family got use to them. Who knows about your diapers outside of your family, besides you're boyfriend of course?

  • Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I'm not bowel incontinent, but after really not even trying to control me pee, I pretty much am bladder incontinent. When I'm ouside in the back yard on nice days, when we can spend most of the day there on the porch, I take off my bottoms and just pee where ever I happen to be. A water hose a couple of times a day takes care of the smell. My Mom knows about me being ABDL. Dad's been out of the pic for 25 years. As for being cute, well, F uck yeah!

  • I guess my family is cute wearing diapers. When my and my sister are out in the backyard, Mommy sometimes joins us, but makes up take our shorts off she she can tell when we need a diaper change. She sometimes puts on the sprinklers and we run through them. I could write a whole series of books about my diaper family.
    How far do you go with your AB/DL lifestyle?

  • Sounds like your parents are ABDL and raised you to be the same. I have to wonder though, wasn't there any shaming about wearing diapers from other kids?

  • Yes, my parents are AB/DL. Me and my sister started out as just Diaper Lovers, and then later on became Adult Babies. Yes, there was shamming from other kids, but my parents comforted us when that happened. We made friends eventually, we just didn't tell them about the diapers until later.

  • So you sat in the classroom with a smelly diaper? You must have had a lot of friends :/

  • Yes I sat in the class room with a smelly diaper. I got changed by the nurse after class.

  • I get what you're trying to say. I had friends.

  • Do you chang your mother of father

  • We use the changing table like I mentioned.

  • Yes I do. We all change each other.

  • Any photos?

  • I don't know how to add any. Also, I don't have a social media.

  • You have email?

  • Yes... but Internet rule number one: don't give your email out to just anyone on the internet.

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