Could it be..?

There's this guy I like, & I thought he liked me too, I mean, he asked me out & all, we chatted a lot after that, even thought neither of us mentioned that we like each other. Now he casually mentions that he has a girlfriend, & the details don't add up. He seems to be lying about her, but then again, why would he? Its all too confusing!

Aug 24, 2010

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  • He may have only had a crush on you. A crush is a figment of your imagination where you build up an interest in someone based on your first reactions. Once you start talking with that someone the truth will be found out and the crush will diminish.

    Is his crush wearing off on you? So he is trying to get out of the situation. Just part of the normal emotional development that lasts into your early 20's.

  • wait so he asked you out then said he had a GF? If so run he's either a cheater or is trying to let you down without having to come out and say it

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