When I was a child....

I thought there were two "N"s in the alphabet. I thought this all the way until like 3rd grade. i find it funny now that i used to sit there and think why the second one wasnt on the wall paper. when i explain it you'll understand. Ok there is the first one. l m N o p. but in the song it goes W X Y and Z. but i heard W X Y N Z.

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  • I pronounced "cucumbers" as climberclums"

  • im 24 and only recently i found out a bidet is for the family cat or dog to take a dump, and not for handicapped people. When i was younger i thought it was a drinking fountain

  • You're a dumbass. Someone has lied to you! LOL

  • Until I was about 7 I always called a planes propeller and 'compeller'.

  • you wouldn't believe how long I thought spaghetti was basketti and crayons were crowns....

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