I'm a horrible Mother

So I've been coveting the new Michael Kors bag, which is about $300, we absolutely do not have the $$ and I want it too much....since I'm so selfish I withdrew the money from each of my daughters (I have 2) savings account and purchased it today, dear god I hate myself for doing that and yet I had to have it, ugh

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  • Wow...wow...how selfish can you be? With times like these, and you want to spend money on a stupid bag? It's a brand, and name! Get over it. It's not important to steal from your daughters accounts and use it for yourself. Get help.

  • You have an addiction. Please recognize it (as you just did here), and deal with it. Don't be afraid to ask your family for support.

  • Yes! you are awful.

    Return the bag, then return the money to the children's account.

    What's more, everything Michael Kors make is truly UGLY!

    Now if it was Dior, I may have a different response.

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