Wandering eyes

I was once having s** with samantha my then girlfriend and while I was on top, her younger sister 14 was at the door looking at us have s** !(her sister had a gorgeous body and 32a ish b****) I knew this but my girlfriend didnt...so I took myself out of her .... and flipped her over to do doggy, all the time strokng my c*** looking at the younger sister asking if she wants it to my girlfriend but looking at the younger sister, she just couldnt take her eyes off my my c*** !! I then put myself into my girlfriend and pulled it out so her sister could see her sisters juices on my c***....She stayed watching till i pulled out and c** over her sisters back. Nothing was ever said and I never asked if she liked the show.

A short time after that her youngest sister would leave the shower door open slightly when I was at there house and obviously I couldnt not look so I would look as I walked by and sometimes would see her naked either washing or toweling herself. I started to get brave and would walk by and stay for a few seconds, look then carry on walking, & I knew the sister knew I was walking by and a couple of times we would make eye contact but nothing was said.

So anyway after about 2-3 weeks of this I was round there having a drink with there dad and the youngest daughter said she was going for a shower and she looked at me as she said it....Now to get to the toilet you have to pass the bathroom so after about 5 mins I said i needed the toilet so I got up went to the toilet and on the way there sure enough bathroom door was open so having a few drinks i was brave and stood looking at her washing herself and took out my c*** and started wanking ..as I did this the sister just stared at me and rubbed her body as if she was caressing herself, it was so horney she was rubbing her p**** as i stood outside the door wanking with her looking at me and me looking at her...and as i was coming our eyes locked at just the moment I shot my load all over the bathroom floor, she was shaking by this point so I just walked in kissed her gently on the lips and said thankyou.

This happened for months untill finally....... I will leave that for another time...(but as a taster the then girlfriend found out and it got even more scarey)

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  • This post reminds me of my past.
    I also f***** my ex-wife "TWICE"while her younger sister watched when we were dating.
    Later I got lucky getting my future ex-sister-in-law to at least give me a few b******* but never much more.
    But my best memories were of me and my ex-mother-in-law."The mother of my ex-wife and ex-sister-in-law.
    I got lucky getting my ex-mother-in-law to let me f*** her for the next 10 years.
    The ex-mother-in law was the best since she knew how to swallow:)
    Man... do I miss my ex-mother-in-law :)

  • this fake confessions should have been called "wandering liers".

  • fake story

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