Casting couch son

I showed my sister what i found on my 22 year old sons laptop it's full of incest p*** and her 16 year old daughter seen it to and my 35 year old sister came up with a plan to get her camera out and get him to do a casting couch as us 3 watch when he came in he seen his laptop and i told him what i had found and my sis said we're going to film you wanking she started filming and got him to get on with it he finally got nude as we all sat on the sofa and him Infront of us he started wanking but found it hard to stay hard he had stage fright he kept going for around 10 minutes my sis past the video camera to her daughter and she striped off and started making comments to him like i no you would want to f*** us 3 and that worked he was now stroking his big fat c*** and her daughter past me it and striped off to my sis took it off me and talked me in to striping to he stopped wanking and took in the view of 3 women her daughter was the first she dropped to he knees and started sucking him off i had my running down his chest while my sister filmed it then joined her daughter taking it in turns on his c*** by now 20 minutes had past he started sucking my t*** my sister got up and layed on her sofa and he smashed her hard watching it got me wet her daughter swapped places with her all i thought about was when was it my turn and my sister told him he's missed someone out he came over and i sucked his p**** soaked c*** not for long as he had me doggy style no holding back he gave it to me hard and when he was ready to c** with kneeled Infront of him and let him c** over are faces we made a 40 minute p****.

Nov 20, 2020

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